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T’Challa Rising, Part Three: Jungle Action #6 (1973)

As we count down to the release of the Black Panther movie, here’s another installment of T’Challa Rising, a four-part series of articles that looks back on landmark moments from Black Panther’s history. Last time, we saw Black Panther triumph over the Grim Reaper himself and become a member of Earth’s mightiest heroes… the Avengers. […]

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A Talk with Science-Fiction Legend Robert Silverberg

Our own Jud Meyers interviews Robert Silverberg, the Hugo- and Nebula-award-winning science-fiction author and Grand Master of Science Fiction on the occasion of the release of the new graphic-novel adaptation of his novel DOWNWARD TO THE EARTH from the publisher Humanoids.   Jud: Our community loves to discuss the beginnings of their romance with comic […]

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T’Challa Rising, Part Two: Avengers #52 (1968)

As we count down to the release of the Black Panther movie in just a couple of weeks, here’s another installment of T’Challa Rising, a four-part series of articles that looks back on landmark moments from Black Panther’s history. Last time, we kicked things off with our hero’s first appearance in Fantastic Four #52, which […]

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Body-Switching Shenanigans on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“True Colors”) displayed the heart of a lot of the characters, ranging from Becky being kind and doing good to Ralph stepping up to multiple challenges to Amunet snarking her way through a series of plans gone awry. One of my favorite things had to be Killer Frost giving Ralph a […]

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Love and the Enemy Within on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“Both Sides Now”) had a lot of Jekyll and Hyde moments (Purity vs. Julia, Sam vs. Reign), peppered with humor and heart-wrenching moments. I’ve said it before, but Odette Annable is absolutely exquisite in the role, teetering on the edge, between fragile and fierce, shifting between terrorizing and feeling fear. The anguish […]

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A Tiny Problem on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”) was hilarious, well written, adorable, and poignant. This show has made me laugh a whole lot this season, which is such a win. The writers are absolutely crushing it (Cisco quipping, “Eh, never trust a mustache, I always say.” And Harry snarking, “Gorilla prison is worse. […]

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You’ve Got a Friend on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 12th episode (“For Good”) was a damn good episode of TV, pulling at every possible heartstring. Let’s start with Sam’s medical crisis. There was a lot of Dr. Alex packed into the minutes, but it was sweet, touching, uplifting. Everything female friend can, and should, be. With Sam trying to discover the source of […]

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A Hero Is Made, Not Born on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 11th episode (“The Elongated Knight Rises”) was rife with chaotic fun. It was always a big question mark of how they’d handle Barry being in prison. It does feel a bit weird that Wally didn’t come back, but Ralph stretches onto the scene. I swear, I cannot see Hartley Sawyer without seeing a […]

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Unlikely Allies and Old Friends on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 11th episode (“Fort Rozz”) accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. There was a lot of girl power and unexpected female friendships. I mean, Psi was pretty good—Yael Grobglas did an amazing job of being menacing, with a touch of kindness and a whole heap of curiosity. Calling Imra Matilda was a […]

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IN A WORLD… Part Four: DC Super Hero Girls

Pat Shand here, back with the fourth and final installment of In a World…, a series of articles about stories you know and characters you love, but where things may not be what they seem. We’re traveling to strange, alternate realities where familiar faces have been placed in different timelines, places, and maybe even worlds. […]

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THE FLASH: The One Where Barry Goes to Prison

The Flash’s tenth episode (“The Trial of the Flash”) was definitely harrowing—and not simply because some guy ended up a walking ball of radiation, almost taking down the city. Things bounce around from bad to even more bad, heartwrenching, and frustrating. I may have shouted at the TV a time or twelve. Who’s counting? Here’s […]

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