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The Real Reason

There are things in comics which we talk about and take sides on, and yet this very attention makes us miss some obvious points. We get so caught up in the popular byways of the point that we depopulate the highways of the main point. If someone points out those main points, we are suddenly […]

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They Can Only Fly

There are writers who complain all Hawkman can do is fly. They say that makes him boring. If you could fly in real life, you would not sulk and ask why all the other kids got better Christmas presents. If you could fly, you would be free of the ground. Go back to the beginning: […]

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If It’s Broke, Fix It

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” goes a relatively recent saying (honest, 1977). The obvious other side of the coin is if it is broke. fix it. In an era when every change any comic book publisher makes is somehow apocalyptic in scope, conspiratorial in nature, and incompetant in execution, perhaps we should remind […]

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It’s About the Spiders

Back in the beginning of Batman there was another bat-themed vigilante, the Black Bat. There was some talk of lawsuits, but nothing interesting came out of that. The Black Bat was created in 1939 to star in Black Book Detective. He was D.A. (not a joke) Anthony Quinn (not a joke) who was blinded and […]

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Whence Wonder Woman and Whither…?

Everything you think you know about Wonder Woman is true. However, it’s probably not true in the way you think it’s true and it’s certainly not true all the time. When Wonder Woman started out in 1941, women weren’t doing well in society. As often happens when war looms, people focus on it and the […]

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Logan: A Belated Review

ONLY THE FINEST SPOILERS WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS REVIEW I’ve read and watched a lot of reviews of Logan. They universally agree the acting is brilliant, and Jackman and Stewart have indeed made the most of their final chances to play these characters. In that much at least, I agree. Unlike X-Men: […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy, Old and New

In January 1969, before Neil Armstrong stepped upon the surface of the Moon, but lasting until well after Harrison Schmidt returned to Earth, there was an unsuccessful fiction about traveling through space, colonizing worlds, and fighting invaders. Like the Lunar trips, it was very much a product of its times, but they were not all […]

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Empty Tomb of Dracula

The path to the Tomb of Dracula was long and convoluted. Vampires had been around for a long time. They peppered stories in the Golden Age but they were basically one-shots who got re-killed at the end of the story. But vampires plagued a great many superheroes including The Shield, Mr Justice, and Batman, among […]

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Sise-Neg Genesis

This story was created by Steve Englehart, Neal Adams, and Frank Brunner. They are three of the greatest names in comic-book history and we may have underestimated them. The story itself is seriously overlooked. Suspiciously so. By that I mean the story has not been reprinted as a trade, which is kind of odd. Makes […]

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Lady Mechanika, An Appreciation

Lady Mechanika – Joe Benitez and MM Chen writing; Peter Steigerwald, Martin Montiel, and Joe Benitez art Steampunk is a strange genre. It is books, comic books, movies, television shows, cosplay, objects, music, and much else. To find an art genre which is also a movement you’d have to go to art deco in the […]

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And they did it again, and then they did it this time, and they kept doing it until mutants were their own world and Marvel closed it all down because they no longer had the movie rights

Mutants Didn’t Always Rule

In culture, comics, science fiction, and politics there has always a confusion between mutation and mutatis mutandis. A mutation is a random change of the genetic structure. Mutatis mutandis is Latin for “after the necessary modifications.” In the popular mindset evolution makes everything better and better .So it was that the first mutant superhero was […]

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That Dad was nearly killed by radiation, by the way.

Silver Age Marvel

The Silver Age is remembered as a return of civilization following the Wertham-MSM-book burning Dark Ages. Like all turns in history there is truth in this and much more truth that gets away. In the Golden Age there were many comic book companies. All American, DC, EC, Timely, Centaur, MLJ, Quality, Fox Feature Syndicates, Fawcett, […]

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More money, but these cartoons will not entertain as long as Plastic Man will

Krazy Kat and Plastic Man

Comic books started with comedy, and have returned to it in its down periods ever since. Originally, comic books reprinted newspaper comic strips. This is where we get the ‘comic’ in comic books. Superheroes and drama took over – mostly. There were still comic sidekicks almost none of whom are ever remembered by anyone except […]

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