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Team-Ups and Takedowns on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 20th episode (“Gone Rogue”) gave us two brilliant things: Ralph, trying to help everyone with their dating issues and grief (a mourning manual!), and Cisco and Sherloque getting kidnapped together. First, Ralph is a precious cinnamon roll, who must be protected at all costs. I mean, my heart broke when he told Caitlin, “I know I’m not…built for love. And that’s okay.” MY FEELS, guys. The expression on his face was absolutely raw and vulnerable. But I loved that Caitlin propped him up in return, when he needed it, reminding him how big his heart was.

I was also impressed with the resurgence of Barry and Iris’s argument. That was a real, honest moment. And it’s interesting to me that I feel like they’re both right and wrong. But it takes a talk from Papa Joe to get Barry’s head on straight, especially this reminder: “But whenever you guys step out of bounds, I always have to remind myself…I’m always going to choose to be your father first.” Oh, how I missed his wisdom.

My major gripe of the episode wasn’t the evil team up (Ragdoll will forever creep me out, and I love it). I think, given Nora’s character shift, a villain-y teamup was pretty brilliant. That said, it felt super disingenuous for her to threaten Cisco to get what she wanted. Would she really have ripped out his heart? I don’t think so. But obviously, it was a catalyst to bring Nora back into the fold, so to speak. Barry jumping in front of Nora was somewhat predictable (I rolled my eyes a little), but no less touching. And I liked that Nora’s purpose was to snag tech to help with Cicada. That motivation for her actions brought things together nicely.

Barry coming around to Thawne’s plan of stopping, as Ralph said, She-cada provided a sweet moment, too. Although, granted, it had to happen for the plot to move forward. I’m still the most curious about Thawne’s affections for Nora. They’re genuine, and I do hope we’ll get more of a deep-dive there.

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