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THE FLASH: Elseworlds and Switching Places

The Flash’s ninth episode (“Elseworlds, Part 1”) was absolutely fantastic. I mean, the humor alone was worth the price of admission, even just for the pitfalls of the Freaky Friday Quantum Leap. Oliver waking up in Iris’s bed to Barry and Oliver learning to be each other—it was so much fun. I mean, the way […]

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The Villain Wears a Familiar Face on THE FLASH

The Flash’s eighth episode (“What’s Past is Prologue,” a landmark 100th episode, directed by Tom Cavanagh) held my attention so perfectly, making me curious at every turn. It wasn’t the most fast-paced hour—embarking on a scavenger hunt through time—but it didn’t have to be. Leaning heavy on the emotional component (Iris convincing Barry to let […]

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Thankful Amid the Chaos on THE FLASH

The Flash’s seventh episode (“O Come, All Ye Thankful”) had a lot of poignant, powerful moments. It was certainly less lighthearted than usual, with Nora being angry and emotional about her dad constantly rushing headlong into danger. And, oh yeah, dying. (At least he didn’t sing a song about it, but I digress.) As much […]

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THE FLASH Gets Ice Cold

The Flash’s sixth episode (“The Icicle Cometh”) is definitely my favorite of the season so far.The constant theme of found family is a powerful one, and Team Flash is an excellent example. I mean, Barry and Cisco (“So, Snow Patrol, what’s going on?”) meddle like the Scooby Gang to help Caitlin find her dad. It […]

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THE FLASH Gets Creepy

The Flash’s fifth episode (“All Doll’d Up”) was all kinds of awesome. First of all, Troy James as Ragdoll was fantastic. He did some truly stellar movement work, combined with excellent background music and use of tone of voice (all credit to Phil LaMarr). My only complaint with this storyline was that it ended so […]

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A Future Family Reunion on THE FLASH

The Flash’s season five premiere (“Nora”) was equal parts funny and touching. Mad props have to be given to Jessica Parker Kennedy, for her wide-eyed turn as Nora, Iris and Barry’s daughter. (Confession: I loved her on The Secret Circle, and I’m still mad that show got canceled. Don’t judge me.) Earnest, self-depreciating (“I’m not […]

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Finding the Good in the Bad on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 23rd episode (“We Are The Flash”) gave us everything: laughter, danger, feels, and a heap of powerful moments. It was, of course, satisfying as hell to finally be rid of DeVoe. I still maintain that his storyline dragged on for far too long, but I loved that way it wrapped up—and that we […]

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It Pays to Be an Optimist on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 22nd episode (“Think Fast”) showcases how far DeVoe has spiraled into chaos, remorseless in his pursuit of what he thinks to be right. The Murder Symphony that starts off the episode was so very excellent. But he’s ancillary, for this go round, as far as I’m concerned. Team Flash, engaging with each other […]

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Breakups and Breakthroughs on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 20th episode (“Therefore She Is”) reveals a lot. First of all, we were treated to several Marlize and DeVoe flashbacks, which kind of showed that his caustic personality was not due to his illness. Or the dark matter. Nope, he was definitely was a zealot-y jerk, with romantic tendencies. Although, I’m still trying […]

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A Speedster Freaky Friday on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 16th episode (“Run, Iris, Run”) started off incredibly strong. The Cisco quips (“We’re not Frankenstein-ing innocent people.” and asking Harry, “And which [degree] is in Mad Science?”) were hilarious. Honestly, Harry and Cisco banter is always aces, given the begrudging and sometimes snarky affection between them. That aside, I knew that this episode […]

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Bombs, Love, and Grief on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 15th episode (“Enter Flashtime”) was an interesting way to bring characters together (Jesse! Killer Frost! Jay!), while tackling some issues. Given the circumstances (time slowed down, nuclear bomb etc.), it wasn’t as quippy as usual. I mean, I suppose it’s difficult to be funny and try and get rid of a bomb. Just […]

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Body-Switching Shenanigans on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“True Colors”) displayed the heart of a lot of the characters, ranging from Becky being kind and doing good to Ralph stepping up to multiple challenges to Amunet snarking her way through a series of plans gone awry. One of my favorite things had to be Killer Frost giving Ralph a […]

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