Emotions and Confessions on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 20th episode (“Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?”) fell a bit flat for me, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong – there were charming moments. The humor was on point. I mean, watching Nia and Brainy test out Jimmy’s new superpowers was fun. Seeing Kara save the plane that Lena thought she landed was perfect. I enjoyed all of the girl power. However, there are a bunch of plot points that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

First, Alex’s adoption storyline was a thread that had been dropped for nearly the whole season. It wasn’t mentioned or alluded to. There was no real buildup, until the surprise phone call. It felt jarring. That said, Alex’s response was really well done – the nerves, doubt, etc. Those were real emotions. And the letdown with the adoptive mom was brilliantly done. I wanted to hug Alex, for real. It was heartbreaking. It also felt incredibly weird to have this moment on the show – and to do it without Kara around. I mean, the show is centered around so many of those Danvers Sisters moments. It’s such an important aspect. And to move this plotline forward with Kara felt, well, cheap.

Which brings me to Kelly, Jimmy’s sister. The character is, in fact, great. But we weren’t really given any lead in to her relationship with Alex. In fact, they just seem to randomly be spending all this time together, so much so that going on a roadtrip to maybe adopt her baby was a thing that happened. But Kelly didn’t know about Maggie, so how close are they? This seems a bit contradictive. I wish we could’ve gotten to know Kelly along with Alex, so it didn’t feel quite so instant. I mean, we don’t even have a reason to care about her – like we do Brainy and Nia, for instance – except for the fact that she’s Jimmy’s sister.

While I’m not a fan of the Ben Lockwood story in this episode (leaving his wife’s funeral while his son was giving the eulogy was…wow.), it did give us the best moment of the episode. Brainy disobeying orders, stepping in front of Guardian and Dreamer, telling his fellow DEO employees, “I urge you—follow your hearts, not your orders.” He gave a powerful speech and it is a lessen that we would do well to remember. Orders are not the end all, be all.

Lastly, Kara nearly confessed her identity to Lena several times, and I absolutely screamed, “Just tell her already.” Because it needs to happen. While I understand Kara’s hesitancy, there’s no magic time to confess something that big. And, certainly, the longer she says nothing, the more difficult it will be. (Especially given that Lex knows! It would be so much worse coming from him, no?) So, I’m not 100% sure I buy the logic there. I will say, however, that Lena’s genuine concern for Kara’s well being the entire episode was really well done and super touching. Again, the relationships are what really make the show.

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