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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team,” Part VIII

For Those Who Came In Late: Our marathon DEFENDERS coverage marches on, last time discussing the last few recruits of what’s considered the “classic” Defenders lineup, one of whom longed for something a bit more stable… For most of the character’s history, Hank “The Beast” McCoy had been a team player. First in his formative […]

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The Defenders

Marvel was long known as the company of the superhero teams. By design or coincidence, each Marvel team has its own theme, though the theme could change. The Fantastic Four are a family. The Avengers started out as the premier league, but later became a reform school when Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch joined. […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team,” Part VII

Previously: We’ve been lingering of late over the roster of the Defenders, Marvel’s most decidedly casual super-team, last week looking at the introductions of Hellcat and the Red Guardian to the team. This week, we explore the Defenders’ final four recruits, a much more outlandish, motley crew. Let’s get to it. I’m usually pretty positive […]

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A Flying Steed, Marital Problems, and an Unhealthy Relationship with Beer

College English departments very often classify their faculty by the era of literature in which they specialize. The Beowulf and Chaucer guy is a Medievalist, the Shakespeare folks are Renaissance, the professors focusing on Thoreau and Emerson are Americanists, and anyone who touches something written after the early 1900s is a Modernist. If Blastoff were […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team,” Part VI

For Those Who Came In Late: We’re continuing our more-exhaustive-than anticipated exploration of the Defenders’ roster, having just left off with the introductions of the Son of Satan and Luke Cage to the team that wasn’t really a team. Next up to join? Well, what does a team with an alien, a monster and a […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team,” Part V

Previously: All month, we’ve been exploring the wacky world of Marvel’s DEFENDERS, their catch-all team book for characters who didn’t really belong on a team, a weird concept that worked out surprisingly well throughout the 1970s. Last time, we met new Defenders recruit and #1 team booster Nighthawk. But who else was hanging about? With […]

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The Defenders vs. Nebulon

The Defenders. I didn’t think it was possible to have a group that changed its line-up more than the Avengers, but I was wrong. I took a glimpse at the Defenders’ tangled history and decided to start in a safe and oversized place: Marvel Treasury Edition #16. It opened with the first comic featuring The […]

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Surf’s Up – Reviewing SIlver Surfer #1

Okay, so this was awesome. As a part of the All-New Marvel Now! program, Silver Surfer kicked off with a new #1 this past April. The writer? Dan Slott, who is famous for the amazing number of Spider-Man comics he’s written since taking the reins of that title, infamous for killing Peter Parker and putting […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team” – Part IV

For Those Who Came in Late: We’ve been hip-deep in Defenders around these parts lately, exploring the early history and membership of Marvel’s most casual super-team, the loosely affiliated Defenders. Last week we began looking at the new recruits to the Defenders, particularly the Asgardian warrior-woman the Valkyrie, who joined up early and stayed for […]

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There’s No “I” on “Non-Team,” Part III

Previously: When last we convened, we were continuing our discussion of THE DEFENDERS, Marvel’s 1970s super-team of loners and misfits that feature previously unteamed A-listers the Incredible Hulk, Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer and the Sub-Mariner. With the team graduating to its own monthly series after a tryout stint in MARVEL FEATURE, surely new members […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team,” Part II

For Those Who Came In Late: Last time, we began our discussion of Marvel’s 1970s franchise THE DEFENDERS, conceived by Marvel writer/editor Roy Thomas after noticing the extremely positive fan reaction to a series of team-ups between customary loners Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, the Silver Surfer and the Hulk. After a somewhat by-the-numbers first issue, the […]

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There’s No “I” in “Non-Team”

Here’s an odd thought, especially in terms of what’s been popular in the Marvel Universe for much of the last three decades. If you were to go back in time to, say, 1976 or so, and ask your neighborhood comic-book reader to name three superhero teams in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men wouldn’t even be […]

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