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Peace, Death, and Surprises on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 22nd episode (“The Quest for Peace”) had it all: action, humor, a delightfully evil Lex Luthor, and Dreamer taking a shot at Brainy for being an emotionless jerk. Honestly, my favorite thing about this episode was probably the Luthor family reunion. I actually cackled when Lilian tried to poison Lex and made a joke about how he talks too much. And Lex quoting Hitler, only to have Lilian snap, “Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It’ll hurt the brand.” THE BRAND. Like they’re evil Kardashians or something. Plus, there was Lena’s bravery in going to the meeting at all. I really could’ve done without the first ten minutes of the episode, which probably could’ve been condensed better. But that’s a small gripe.

Jon Cryer really shone as Lex, making the character a seething, brilliant, single-minded villain. His brilliance is only matched by his fixation on Superman, which led to Eve being ticked off on not being filled in on his real plan. But Cryer truly brought Lex to life with a careful attention to detail. The slightly mad look on his face when he was singing Sinatra. The way he barked Ms. Teschmacher. And, finally, to the way he revealed Kara’s identity to Lena, with perfect, deliberate cruelty. Absolutely brilliant.

It was satisfying to see Lockwood get his butt kicked. And I loved seeing J’onn and Dreamer team up, while Brainy had a mini meltdown – only to finally come back to himself and tell Dreamer how he feels about her. That was a powerful moment.

Speaking of powerful moments, Alex and Kelly kissed! I think that scene was very powerful, because Azie Tesfai gave an earnest speech. I’ll be interesting in seeing how their relationship develops down the line.

And we also had the return of game night, which amused me greatly. For half a second, I thought that Lena had put aside what Lex had told her. And I thought that Kara would confess, but Alex’s advice to her fell flat to me. It seemed a bit out of character for her to delay the revelation for a “better” time. I suppose they’re building to the revelation, but I’m curious how that will go down, given everything.

The setup for next season is intriguing enough. It looks like Eve might be sticking around and that we tackle Leviathan (not the Supernatural version either, I hope) and The Monitor. I’ll admit, The Monitor making an appearance was surprising. It seemed like he might be resurrecting Lex, along with conjuring a green Martian with a grudge against J’onn. Did we know that J’onn had a brother or was that not meant to be literal?

The finale was satisfying, and I want to point out how refreshing it is to have a character like Kara Danvers/Supergirl on TV. Her heart is full of hope. Her writing makes a difference. There’s something comforting and inspiring, seeing Kara fight both ways. Sometimes, you have to take a swing. Sometimes, you have to speak out. Sometimes, too, it’s both. The lesson, though, is to have courage and stick to your convictions. One person can make a difference, but we’re all stronger together.

Catch you next year, nerds!

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