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THE FLASH: What Gets Left Behind

The Flash’s finale (“Legacy”) was pretty damn charming. I loved Cisco telling Camilla his secret – especially her reaction. I mean, she brought up comic books and was super reasonable. I also think Carlos Valdes did a great job conveying Cisco’s fear and vulnerability when confessing to her: “I’ve seen how hard it is to try and have two lives like this. … I can’t keep lying to you like this.” The lack of eye contact and the inflection were flawless. I was honestly surprised that Cisco chose to ditch his powers, in the end. Having them didn’t make him less who he is, although I suppose it’s a good way to illustrate the power of choice and respecting personal decisions we don’t agree with, no?

The episode gave Barry and Nora a chance to bond over their shared well-meaning, but often awful, habits—they’re both too trusting, etc. I really enjoyed how they confronted Thawne together. Their relationship has come a long way. I really was intrigued, under all the self-serving plotting, that Thawne actually cared about Nora: “You have to go now or we lose her forever. That’s right—I’ve grown fond of her too.” It was a sweet moment amid the fighting and almost murder. He is such a good villain. Menacing in all the right ways, although he does tend to explain his evil machinations like a vaguely jaundiced Bond villain. That tends to be somewhat hilarious.

The resolution of the Cicada II storyline was somewhat underwhelming, but I did enjoy the fact that young Grace made the right choice—the duel Orlins was a nice touch. I was pretty sad to see Nora go, even if it made for a powerful storyline. Candice Patton freaking out and trying to bargain with Nora was brilliantly done, as was the scene where Barry and Iris watch the video message from Nora. I cried. I did.

So much of this episode revolted around choice and change. Sherloque left to be with the love of his life. Baby Giraffe became Adult Giraffe (Hartley Sawyer is a gift). Singh is leaving, but Joe will be captain—and oh, yeah, he’s the one person in the whole police department who guessed Barry’s secret identity. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for that one, because it was a charming moment. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Singh.

Next season, it looks like Barry’s disappearance happens sooner than originally predicted. I’d say I’d race you there, but I’d hate to create another timeline by accident. Catch you in the fall, nerds.

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