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Staying on Target, Part VI

Previously: Our long-form look at Hawkeye the Marksman goes on unabated. When we left off, Hawkeye had just returned to the team after one of his lengthier absences, and big changes in his life were just around the corner… In September of 1983, after almost two decades of publication, ol’ Hawkeye finally got his own […]

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Staying on Target, Part V

For Those Who Came In Late: We’re hipdeep in our extended coverage of Hawkeye the Marksman, Marvel Comics’ resident archer and lovable loudmouth. When we left off last week, a frustrated Hawkeye had just quit the Avengers, and was jetting off to the West Coast in pursuit of a lost love, the Black Widow, who […]

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Staying on Target, Part IV

Last time: When last we convened we were in the midst of our discussion of Marvel’s Avenging Archer, Hawkeye the Marksman. When we left off, Hawkeye, in the grip of a long-building inferiority complex, had given up his bow and quiver in exchange of steady doses of Hank Pym’s growth serum, transforming him into the […]

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Staying on Target, Part III

Previously: We’ve been talking of late about Hawkeye the marksman, the Marvel Universe’s resident archer extraordinaire, longtime Avenger and seemingly full-time member of the lonely hearts club. Brother has no luck with the ladies. When we left off last time, Hawkeye was finding his way on an Avengers team increasingly populated with much more powerful […]

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Staying on Target, Part II

For Those Who Came In Late: Last time, we began our coverage of Marvel Comics’ resident archer and malcontent, Hawkeye the Marksman. As we saw then, Hawkeye got his start as a misunderstood supervillain, repeatedly finding himself in conflict with Iron Man thanks to Hawkeye’s romantic fixation on the Soviet femme fatale the Black Widow. […]

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Staying on Target

I have a tendency, it must be admitted, to root for the little guy when it comes to comic-book characters. Sure, your Supermans and Wolverines and Incredible Hulks are cool, but I always tend to identify more with the “regular joes” of the superhero community, the ones who get by on their wits and nerve, […]

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Femme Fatale, Part V

PREVIOUSLY, IN COMICS 101: When last we left our history of Marvel’s Black Widow, she’d made the journey from Soviet spy to super-villain to Avengers associate, and even been a card-carrying Avenger fir about an hour and a half before leaving the team once more to return to the West Coast and her relationship with […]

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Femme Fatale, Part IV

So as we’ve seen if you’ve been following along the last few weeks, although the Black Widow had been hanging around the Avengers for what seemed like forever, she’d never actually joined the team. So what spurred to Natasha to finally formally join up and become an Avenger? As it turns out, of all things, […]

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Femme Fatale, Part III

For Those Who Came In Late: We’ve been looking at the career of Marvel’s Black Widow in recent weeks, leaving off with the final outings in her misguided super-villain career alongside the love-addled Hawkeye the Marksman… The next time Marvel fans saw the Black Widow, it was only in flashback in AVENGERS #16, as prospective […]

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Hawkeye, Sandy and Me

I didn’t read the Hurricane Sandy issue of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye (#7) until last month, almost a year and a half after the actual storm. I’m living in California now, but when Sandy hit, I was shacked up in New York. Long Island, actually. My living situation was strange – I was […]

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Rise of the Tracksuit Draculas

Every great superhero has a nemesis. Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex, Iron Man has the Mandarin, Spidey has Green Goblin (and, like, three other arch-nemeses, because f@#$ Spidey, right?), and so on. These villains have risen above the rest of the ne’er-do-wells to provide a real and ongoing challenge for the heroes we […]

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Hawkeye’s Movin’ On Up

Even though Hawkeye has had the staying power to last in the Marvel universe for about 50 years, it seems his appearances in recent Marvel films have made him more popular than ever. Clint Barton hasn’t had a ton of screen time, but somehow Jeremy Renner made the character resonate with fans. Maybe it’s his […]

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Under Pressure

Previously, in Comics 101: Last time, we looked at the beginnings of Marvel’s resident super-spy the Black Widow, when she made her first appearance as a Cold War antagonist of Iron Man, Marvel’s then-most-prominent Commie fighter. After a couple of failed clashes with the Armored Avenger, the Black Widow cast out for a little help… […]

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