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The Past is Prologue on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 18th episode (“Godspeed”) was an interestingly framed look back on Nora, her motivations, and her experiences. It was a good, and heartbreaking way, to explain the choices she’s made. Meeting her hilarious friend Lia (Kathryn Gallagher) was so much fun. I mean, up until she got murdered by Godspeed (Lia had Cisco’s gift for naming).

It was interesting, too, to see the genesis of Nora and Thawne’s relationship. He begins in a very Hannibal Lector creep, but there’s also a moment where Nora pleads with him (“Please. He killed my best friend in front of me.”) in which he seems genuinely touched. There’s a strange depth of humanity in him, and it’s fascinating to see. (That evil guard, though? Can I punch him in the face? Because what a sadistic bag of crap on toast.) The mentorship between the two is strangely compelling, and I enjoyed the “Run, Nora. Run.” line quite a bit. It was fun watching him help her; the dynamic there was fascinating.

I enjoyed the contrast between present-day Iris and future Iris. The betrayal Nora felt when it was discovered her mom dampened her powers – that was real and raw. But seeing Iris, in present day, find it in her heart to give her daughter a second chance? Candice Patton showed so much emotion on her face. So did Jessica Parker Kennedy, in all of her scenes. I got especially choked up when Nora watched the video message from her dad, as well as when Barry brought her back to her own timeline. Like Chyler Leigh on Supergirl, she’s exceptional at tugging on my heart strings.

Lastly, we learn that the Thawne countdown is to her death! And that he has terrible taste in food, because what kind of a last meal with that? I will say that Barry confronting him wasn’t necessarily something I expected. There’s ten minutes on the clock left, and I find myself wondering what’s going to stop his execution. You know it will be something.

Maybe, just maybe, it will be Nora. She doesn’t have anything to lose, now does she?

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