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And Only Love Can Save Them

For my money, the best Silver Surfer story ever told is the 1978 original graphic novel THE SILVER SURFER by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. By 1978, the acrimonious Kirby/Marvel split was already history, as was his much-publicized stint at DC. Around 1976, Kirby had returned to Marvel, and had created books like THE ETERNALS, […]

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He’ll Save Every One of Us

Owning my own comic shop hasn’t changed one thing: whatever town I’m visiting, I make a point of checking out the local comic shop. Not only is it always a good idea to support local retailers, you just never know what you might find. Which is why last weekend, while back in my old stomping […]

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Empire Building: Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

Editor’s note: While we struggle with the Dreaded Deadline Doom this week, we thought it the perfect time to re-present this lost 2005 column from the MPS days, now that STAR WARS movies are back in the headlines… It’s time once more for one of our trips in the Wayback Machine. This time? We’re headed […]

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Let There Be SCIENCE

  “Hang on. This is about to get weird.”   Close your eyes and imagine yourself falling down a dark and chilly hole in the earth. Strange lights flash off the walls and alien scents fill your nostrils. You open your mouth to scream, but all that emerges is a faint whisper. You’ve tumbled into […]

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Rom If You Want To, Rom Around the World

Back in 1979, Marvel, like every other entertainment producer, was still feeling the effects of STAR WARS’ massive success. Science fiction was hot in a big way, and everybody wanted a piece of it. Marvel themselves was already producing a monthly STAR WARS comic, but that wasn’t enough. For new ideas, new Marvel head honcho […]

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Space Western Comics

After all is said and done, and let’s face it, all has been said and done, you wonder why Charlton did it. They took a cowboy and put him into space. Of course science fiction and westerns can never quite leave each other alone. Star Trek was sold to the network as Wagon Train in […]

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Wendell Secretary

Quasar Gets Around

Wendell Vaughn is your average Joe. He’s got the brains to make it into S.H.I.E.L.D. and get through training – in fact, he excels. There’s just one hitch: he lacks a “killer instinct.” His superiors don’t believe he can make the sometimes deadly decisions one has to make in the course of standard operations. He […]

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Kamandi Las Vegas

How Does Kamandi Keep His Hair So Shiny?

The world has been struck by a natural disaster. The earth is left in ruins, and the human population is dwindling. Pockets of people survived in underground bunkers, and Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth (!) is one of them. Jack Kirby’s story explores a post-apocalyptic world that isn’t exactly like the others. Though Kamandi […]

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Marvel Comic Cover 1

Star Wars In Comics

Star Wars is everywhere. At least, that’s what it feels like now. It wasn’t always that way. A long time ago (in the late 70s) in a galaxy not so far away, fans of the game-changing science fiction story didn’t have much to turn to besides the movies. You couldn’t walk to the local video […]

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In Brightest Day

Been watching the Cartoon Network Green Lantern animated series? It’s really good stuff, smartly scripted and well animated. And our good friend Jeremy Adams scripted this week’s episode, “Blue Hope” — click below to check out the preview!   This Saturday morning at 10 am on Cartoon Network! Don’t miss it!

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A Stranger in a Strange Land

“Your human world is strange. I think I’ll destroy it”   Transport yourself to 1950s America. The military invasion of Korea failed to stall the rise of Communism, the fedora began its inevitable decline, and Russia beat the US into space.    (In Soviet Russia, this joke is still lame)   Basically, we needed a […]

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