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Remembering Stan

“It’s hard to believe that one vengeance-crazed man has trapped both the Spider-Friends and the X-Men! But he’s more than a man. He’s part robot, part living computer, and his mad scheme of revenge threatens to destroy the entire X-Men mansion, and everyone inside!” That is the voiceover narration from season 3, episode 7 of […]

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The One(s) Where Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel Dated

Spider-Man has some of the most infamously bad romantic luck of any character in fiction. His love interests have, to name a few, been thrown off bridges, been on-again-off-again supervillainesses, and been retconned out of a successful marriage (still pretty bitter about that one.) But one that often gets overlooked is the extremely brief fling […]

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Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Politics of Super-Heroes

Black Panther is an interesting hero.  He is an official card-carrying member of the Avengers, but his primary loyalty lies with his own country, Wakanda.  In addition to patriotism, it comes from a higher calling as king of his country.  Wakanda has long abided by a policy of isolationism, choosing to hide away and keep […]

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An Extraordinarily Human Life

When I was little, I would ask my mom to safety pin a towel around my neck and I would run around the house talking in a voice that was somewhere between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Bale’s Batman.  I wrote the longest essay in class when my 2nd grade teacher asked us to write about […]

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Looking at “A League of One”

I have a confession to make. I didn’t know anything about Wonder Woman for a long time into my time reading comics. I knew her by sight, sure. It’s hard not to; she’s one of the most iconic and referenced characters in pop culture. Eventually, there came a point where I felt like it was […]

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Going Cosmic

Once upon a time, a curious me wanted to catch up on Avengers history. Through some digging, I found a name that kept popping up on the top 5 greatest Avengers stories of all time: The Korvac Saga. So I found myself a trade copy and decided to see what all the hubbub was about. […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.