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Backstory and Becoming on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 16th episode (“The House of L”) was largely backstory, filling in gaps and answering some outstanding questions. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed learning more about Lex—how far his manipulation spread and how much he’s wounded those around him without a thought (Lena’s “He used to say we were burdened with […]

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The Future Fraks Up the Present on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 17th episode (“Time Bomb”) is Cicada-centric. In a very Terminator-esque move, Grace has traveled back in time to save her uncle and avenge her parents. While Orlin is a total anger ball of a human as Cicada, Grace has a subtle, seething quality to her. She moves with quiet purpose, with an alarming […]

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Love, Lines Crossed, and Family Ties on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 15th episode (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) was an interestingly structured one, introducing us to a frenetic Lex, hellbent on madness and science. That was the Lex of the past. The present one is more contained, but no less sharp. Jon Cryer had a pinpoint delivery of every line, every look. Having him tell […]

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New Timelines and Revelations on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 16th episode (“Failure is an Orphan”) is full of hits and misses. Iris tries to spend every last minute with Nora, while Nora is single-mindedly focused on saving her dad. Nora is absolutely frenetic about it, getting more and more wound up as the episode goes on (it was worth it to get […]

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Heart vs. Hate on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 14th episode (“Stand and Deliver”) had me shouting at the tv a few times, y’all. First of all, Dreamer/Nia is amazing (Nicole Maines is wonderful). I love, love, love her over-the-top nerd joy over being a superhero. It’s so charming to see so much joy—wearing her suit when she doesn’t have to, trying to […]

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Love in the Time of King (Shark) on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 15th episode (“King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd”) was a bit of good fun, from the fun quips, to Sherloque muttering in French, to all the Rampage-like fight scene. I especially liked the issue of consent, specifically when Cisco calls Barry out on his poor behavior with King Shark (truly, a sentence I never […]

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Change and Villainy is Afoot on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”) has a surprising amount of humor to it, for one with so much chaos. The quips really were on point (Kara’s “Who’s Clockwork Orange?” Alex’s “Outmatched by a fricking hat.” And Brainy sneering “Kleenx” in the Fortress of Solitude). These punctuate Nia […]

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Sometimes, Love Is a Snake on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 12th episode (“Menagerie”) is Valentine’s Day themed, which means lots of cuteness and a heart-eating alien. I mean, duh. (Seriously, the snake-like sandworm heart chomper is a nice way to dovetail into the holiday. I mean, who hasn’t felt like their heart has been ingested at some point in their life? Super universal.) It […]

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Frakking With Time and Romance on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 14th episode (“Cause and XS”) proves that Nora is absolutely Barry’s daughter, because I exclaimed “Nora, no” several times. I will say that there’s always an earnest sweetness to her screw ups, because she genuinely means well. I also love that Sherloque is often the only one to observe her weirdness initially, picking […]

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Face to Face With the Truth on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“Goldfaced”) gave us Thawne, being both creepy and wise: “A man does not wear another man’s face, unless he understands his mind.” It was an interesting observation about Sherloque that he had, but I’m more interested in the fact that Sherloque married the same woman on multiple earths. Fascinating detail, and […]

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Memory Is Flawed on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Memorabilia”) has some really cute moments—and a lot of WTF. First, Ralph tricking Cisco into hanging at the bar? Adorable. And surprisingly poignant. It is lovely how far Ralph’s character has come; I love how much he relishes having people in his life. Hartley Sawyer is so, so bloody good in […]

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