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Wakanda Forever

After 10 years of The Great Marvel Studios Experiment, director Ryan Coogler has managed to break all-new ground with BLACK PANTHER, which opens up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a brand-new world of exciting new characters and concepts, and does so in its own singular style. It really is remarkable. In much the way that […]

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Black Panther, TV Star

Are you ready for BLACK PANTHER this weekend? I can’t remember the last time there was this much excitement for a new Marvel Studios film, maybe going all the way back to the premiere of THE AVENGERS. While I can’t wait to see what director Ryan Coogler has in store for us with the Panther’s […]

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Marvel’s Most Overlooked Giant: Black Goliath

Editor’s Note: Did you notice Laurence Fishburne in the new trailer for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP?  Who’s he playing, you ask? Bill Foster, a.k.a. Black Goliath. Seeing Fishburne on the screen made me think about poor doomed Black Goliath, blasted through the torso by a Thor clone back in 2007 and then buried by helicopters […]

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Captains Marvel

When the news hit a while back that Brie Larson had been cast as Captain Marvel, it caused a little befuddlement with some folks who might not be completely up to date with the character. Specifically, the question came up, “I don’t get it – how the hell is she going to play the Shazam […]

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Holy Hollywood, Batman!

Thanks to my good friend Dan Greenfield of, I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of the Batman ’66 Exhibit at The Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building in the heart of Hollywood, California, just steps from the legendary Chinese Theatre. The brainchild of original Robin Burt Ward and exhibit […]

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More Fun than Avengers Should Be Allowed to Have

Editor’s Note: To commemorate the completely unexpected return of David Letterman to television on his new Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, we’re going to look back at Dave’s one and only comics appearance: Emotions are running a little high at COMICS 101 HQ these days, as we count down the days until […]

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They Came From Inner Space, Part II

Previously, in COMICS 101: When last we met, we’d been discussing Marvel’s adaptation of Mego’s cult-classic toyline the Micronauts, as realized on the page by writer (and Rocket Raccoon creator) Bill Mantlo and artist Michael Golden. We’ve just been introduced to the Micronauts: stellar explorer and man out of time Commander Arcturus Rann, royal princess […]

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They Came From Inner Space

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bill Mantlo in recent days, the amazing cinematic success being enjoyed by his creation Rocket Raccoon, and the tragedy of Mantlo’s own medical condition. Mostly, though, I’ve been thinking about what a great writer Bill Mantlo was. Which made me want to go back and re-present this look at […]

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The Christmas We Get We Deserve

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, we know Christmas was two days ago, but if Disneyland can have Christmas decorations up until January, than why can’t we? And let’s celebrate by running one of my favorite COMICS 101 columns of all time, a Column from Christmas Past from 2003. After all, to quote Crow T. Robot, “There’s no […]

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Christmas Morn

My family was never particularly religious. I don’t ever remember a time we all went to a church. There were various books of worship in the house, but it was always left up to us if we wanted to read them. But we loved Christmas. In the days leading up to Christmas, the gifts would […]

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Lit by the Tree

Every year, the Christmas tree would be different. One year, it would be the classic red and silver glass spheres. The next, scores of wooden ornaments, lovingly accumulated over decades. The next, dozens and dozens of crystal bells, painstakingly hand-stitched together for months in advance of the big debut. And every year, it would be […]

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I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

A couple of beautiful new coffee-table books arrived here at COMICS 101 HQ in recent weeks, both certainly worth a closer look at, especially with Christmas so close and many of you undoubtedly searching for some gifts for the nerdy among your shopping list. First up is Celebrating Snoopy, a gorgeous slipcased deluxe hardcover from […]

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In Focus: Going to the Chapel (Again)

We’ve had some fun here at Comics 101 in the past with Lois Lane’s propensity to marry, particularly in the 1960s, when it seemed like Lois was walking down the aisle every other month. In fact, we’ve had so much fun with it that we decided to specialize this year at Comic-Con, seeing how many […]

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