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Blastoff has gone across the sea, into the west, to Valinor, the Undying Lands.

10701943_10205114153283472_8435482288460812793_nScott Tipton is a New York Times Best-Selling author and comic-book historian with a wide variety of both graphic novel and prose works to his credit. Scott’s most recent prose work, The Star Trek Vault: 40 Years From the Archives for Abrams Publishing, charts the remarkable history of the world’s most popular science-fiction series, accompanied by hand-picked reproductions of famous bits of Star Trek memorabilia. Scott is also the author of Comic Books 101, a humorous stroll through the history and high points of the American art form known as comic books, published by IMPACT BOOKS. Readers looking for Scott’s latest ruminations on comics past and present need only tune into his weekly column Comics 101, posted every Wednesday without fail.

Scott has written numerous comics and graphic novels for publishers IDW Publishing and Archie Comics, including such titles as Star Trek: The Next Generation – Mirror Broken, Mickey Mouse Shorts, Nicholas Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive, Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever, The Original Teleplay, Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared, The New Crusaders, Klingons: Blood Will Tell, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering, Star Trek: Mirror Images, Spock: Reflections, Khan: Ruling in Hell, Star Trek: Infestation, Spike: Lost and Found, Angel: Auld Lang Syne, Astro Boy: Underground, Angel: A Hole in the World, Illyria: Haunted and Sonic the Hedgehog.

12074680_10207868783148151_6279716097423249019_n-150x150Jud Meyers began his career in the comic industry behind the scenes at Titan Publishing in London, England before making the jump into the retail sector. From 1989 through 1994, Meyers spent all of his time abroad managing and assisting in the launching of the most prestigious comic book retail stores in the UK, including Forbidden Planet, Virgin Megastore and Meanwhile Comics. In 1994, Meyers moved back to New York City and took a position at Avalanche Of Wonder, one of the world’s largest international comic book mail-order services. While at Avalanche, Meyers helped develop systems for their move from a warehouse mail-order service to true online overstock placement.

Arriving in Los Angeles in 1997, Meyers launched Krypton Collectibles, his own website shipping service. For the next six years, he bought, sold and shipped bulk collections of vintage books and collectibles through his online portal, growing from a small storage facility to bustling warehouse systems. In 2003, Meyers co-founded his first brick and mortar location in Sherman Oaks, California. In just over four years, Earth-2 Comics became the youngest store to ever receive the Will Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award, the most prestigious and sought after lifetime achievement award in the comic book industry. In 2009, Earth-2 formed a partnership with Geoff Johns and purchased the legendary San Fernando Valley Golden Apple Comics store, turning it into another successful Earth-2 Comics location. After his successful term with Earth-2 ended, Meyers opened Blastoff with his partner, Scott Tipton.

Hailing from the East Coast, Manager Amanda Lawson has once again found herself a home at Blastoff Comics. Blastoff was her first local shop she found herself frequenting when she moved to North Hollywood after graduating from West Virginia University. In school she studied theatrical scenic design, scenic painting, and art history; all the while harboring a love for the art and stories only comics could provide. She read through comic after comic while designing sets for plays and musicals, painting elaborate floors or rooms in haunted attractions. Amanda is a lover of all things post-apocalyptic and spooky and can usually be found building costumes or props for the end of days, sketching in coffee shops, and exploring abandoned places around LA. And when she’s not patrolling the Wasteland, she is tearing through the latest and greatest Image and indie comics. 

Blastoff Senior Store Manager Chriss Prutsos is the “Indiana Jones” of the Blastoff Universe. While working on completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cal State Northridge, he wandered into a comic shop after being away for many years. He immediately re-kindled his love of storytelling and fascination with the characters he adored so much as a child. The hunt began! Chriss started searching within the walls of this comic shop for his childhood favorites. He soon realized that the hunt was one of the biggest thrills of collecting comics. The hunt continues today as he manages the Blastoff Comics Store and Warehouse, constantly searching for those hard-to-find items others may need to fill their collections. Day to day he is immersed within the nostalgic storytelling and vintage artwork he loves. “It belongs in a museum!”  Indiana Jones

10514367_10203144062096617_949381614951668608_oArtist-in-Residence Elena Casagrande, a graduate of the International School of Comics in Rome, Italy, began her career as artist David Messina’s assistant, kicking off a long relationship with IDW Publishing. That collaboration with IDW continues today, working on such series as Star Trek (Klingons: Blood Will Tell, Orions, Q, Spock: Reflections), The Ghost Whisperer (The Haunted), Angel (Auld Lang Syne, Doyle, Smile Time, A Hole in the World, Illyria: Haunted and the Angel ongoing series), Infestation, True Blood and most recently The X-Files. Elena’s work for Marvel includes Marvel Heartbreakers, Spitfire, Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk, and her work can currently be found on the Tenth Doctor series from Titan’s line of Doctor Who comics. She currently lives in a quiet town in Italy from where she plots global domination.


12670649_741635155781_3515965631924224769_nContributing Writer Pat Shand is a comic-book writer, pop culture journalist, and novelist. He lives in New York with his girlfriend and their four cats. First emerging in the comic-book industry in 2011, Pat has since proved to be a prolific writer, publishing more than 200 comics to date. He is best known for Robyn Hood, Charmed: Season Ten, Van Helsing, Grimm Fairy Tales, Equilibrium, and Hellchild. Pat’s creator-owned work includes Family Pets, Suckers, and the upcoming Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl. He is a contributing writer at Blastoff Comics and Sad Girls Guide, and writer of the Charmed novels for Joe Books and HarperCollins.

12973279_1222164611128864_9196099671528016864_oContributing Writer Ali Trotta is a poet, editor, dreamer, word-nerd, and unapologetic coffee addict. She is always scribbling on napkins, closing her eyes while crossing the street, and singing along to songs at the grocery store. When she isn’t word-wrangling, you can find her cooking, baking, taking photographs, or hanging out in parking lots. Her work has been featured in Uncanny magazine, and she’s on Twitter as @alwayscoffee. You can also read her blog at http://alwayscoffee.wordpress.com.

Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.