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Enter Diana, Part II

With the death of William Moulton Marston in 1947, the WONDER WOMAN strip was entering into a new phase of its publication. No longer singlemindedly focused on issues of gender equality and submission, WONDER WOMAN instead took on a more straightforward adventure style, being handled primarily by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru. Andru’s […]

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Enter Diana

By all accounts, M.C. Gaines was no dummy. The publisher of All-American Comics (publisher of FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, HAWKMAN and many others, and sister company to DC Comics before the two merged in 1944) had read an article in a recent issue of FAMILY CIRCLE, which, while it wasn’t outright attacking comic books, seemed to […]

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May Is Wonder Woman Month!

Wonder Woman is finally about to make her feature-film debut, and we’re marking the occasion this month with the May banner from our always amazing Artist-in-Residence Elena Casagrande, aided and abetted this month by the scintillating Simone Di Meo!

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Count the Lights

The holidays often end up being a time of Claymation specials, bright lights, spiked punch, and—of course—reflection. Yes, family can be a bit of a minefield, and there’s always that one uncle that everyone avoids like the plague. And yes, the world appears to be quite the flaming garbage fire in a lot of respects. […]

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A Wonder Woman Looking to the Future

Wonder Woman is unique in how universally she is known as an iconic character, without actually having a comparatively strong customer base for her comic books. While her performance as a comic-book character has, at times, been strong, many more people seem to be happy to call themselves “fans” of Wonder Woman without having any […]

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The Wonder Woman Bookshelf

Readers looking for some innocent and fun stories of Princess Diana of the Amazons should look no further than WONDER WOMAN – THE AMAZON PRINCESS ARCHIVES, a collection of the 1958 and ’59 work of writer Robert Kanigher, penciller Ross Andru and inker Mike Esposito. After the initial Golden Age run by Wonder Woman’s creators […]

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Eyes of the Gorgon

WWWWW? That is, What’s Wrong With Wonder Woman? She has the most unfulfilled potential of any superhero in the DC or Marvel universes. Put that in corporate terms: there is no other character that could rake in a larger increase in money than Wonder Woman if she were handled right. According to DC, Wonder Woman […]

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Wonder Woman Gets a Dad – What?

DC Comic’s New 52 reboot brought changes to several characters in their world. Heroes and villains were born anew. Some received divorces (well, editorial annulments). Some received new relationships. All of them got costumes with collars, and many of them were handed freshly scrubbed and sparkling origin stories. A new coat of paint to cover […]

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All the World Is Waiting For You

Wonder Woman’s biggest bit of mass-media exposure was, of course, her hit 1970s TV series, starring Lynda Carter as Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman. Premiering in 1975 as a pilot movie entitled THE NEW ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN (so as to avoid confusion with an earlier and unsuccessful 1974 attempt entitled simply WONDER WOMAN, which starred a […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.