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Rise Up: Heroes and Trauma on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 19th episode (“American Dreamer”) had a lot of interesting moments. For one, Dreamer/Nia got to shine, and I loved it. So much. Not only did she kick all kinds of butt (using “American Woman” during the bar scene fight was brilliant), but the humor was on point (“I’m your worst nightmare.”). It’s so fun watching her and Brainy team up (even his hologram—snort).

The bar scene was a fascinating point for another reason. It was refreshing to see George Lockwood softening on his anti-alien stance. It was clear he was wavering early on in the show, but the confrontation with his friend was a quick, poignant moment. People are often afraid of what they don’t know/understand. For George, this was putting a human face (no pun intended) on a major issue. (Side note: Ben Lockwood’s attire has certainly become more Fashion Hitler. Nice detail work.)

Jimmy’s storyline—confronting his trauma and using that as a vehicle to get to know his sister Kelly (Azie Tesfai) better—was well done. The issues of memory around trauma is a fascinating subject, and it was handled extremely carefully by the show. People often do whatever they can to bury a powerful, horrific truth—even so far as believing a lie. It’s a defense mechanism, but they only ever last so long. Pain like that can manifest in myriad ways, as the show demonstrated. Of course, this circumstance was also a lovely way to bring Alex and Kelly closer together. I don’t necessarily feel much chemistry yet, but we’ll see how it goes.

Confession: Kara interviewing Dreamer made me cry. It was a brilliant moment. I loved how she rattled off a bunch of random factoids about herself. It was a sweet moment. And then her rallying cry was genuine and wonderful, full of hope. I lost it when Brainy asked Lena what love was like, because man, sometimes, love catches you off guard and throws you sideways (and Brainy is such a pure cinnamon roll in asking that). It was also brilliant seeing Brainy and Dreamer fight, back-to-back, during the battle at CatCo. That fight was utterly stellar. It gave us my favorite Jimmy moment, ever. Confronting Lockwood was absolutely everything, and I did a little happy dance. More of that, please. His depth of resolve and strength was truly captivating.

I will admit that, until the very last minute, I forgot about J’onn and his journey entirely. I have to be honest: I miss him heading up the DEO. His dynamic with the Danvers’ sisters is one of my favorite things about the show. I feel there’s a bit of a void in that respect. Of course, not as much of a void as Cat Grant. I long for her snark.

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