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Daredevil: Yellow

Daredevil: Yellow hit me hard. It was a sweet love letter and nice way to revisit the origin story. The art by Tim Sale particularly made me sit up and take notice. The city was textured in a way I haven’t seen other artists do, and Daredevil looked acrobatic and incredibly graceful. I stared at […]

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Daredevil #105 - Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

It’s Dangerous to Date Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock isn’t afraid to show his feelings. Well, except for the whole “I love Karen, but I don’t want to tell her how I feel and I’d rather just keep wondering if she feels the same way” bit from the beginning issues. So perhaps he’s a bit angst-ridden, but he’s hardly devoid of feeling. […]

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  I’m hardly the Girl Without Fear. I aspire to be fearless, but I’m held back by doubt, worries about failing, and all the other baggage that comes with being human. Daredevil knows what’s around him when he jumps off rooftops. We don’t have the same advantage, but leaping blindly isn’t the worst action. Imagining […]

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Daredevil 7

Daredevil Making Snow Angels

If the cover for Daredevil #7 by Alex Maleev and Dave McCaigy doesn’t make you smile, you might not have a heart. Seeing Daredevil having such a lighthearted moment captures the spirit of Mark Waid’s recent run on the comic. I like seeing Daredevil have fun. He’s earned it.

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Daredevil #1 - Stan Lee/Bill Everett

Daredevil vs. Matt Murdock

I respect Daredevil, I even like him. I like Matt Murdock better. The determined lawyer, the smooth talker, and the overachiever who never stops trying to make his father proud – he’s so… well, human. It’s taken me too long to include superhero comics with the independent titles in my pull list. One reason for […]

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Daredevil Goes Hollywood

Compared to media juggernauts like Spider-Man or the Hulk, ol’ Hornhead hasn’t made that big of a pop-culture splash yet.  There was a fairly awful TV-movie back in the ’80s that teamed up the Hulk and Daredevil. Entitled TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK (in which the Hulk is never put on trial, by the way; […]

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Daredevil #164

The Devil I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know much about Matt Murdock. I knew he was blind, that he had super senses, and that his alter ego sported a red costume with horns. I knew that Daredevil is known as The Man Without Fear. I knew Ben Affleck played a version of him on the screen. Those bits don’t add […]

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