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Real Love vs. Illusion on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“Mrs and Mr. Mxyzptlk”) made me laugh, while tackling some heavy relationship issues. First of all, whoever does the music on the show? You’re wonderful. Second of all, whoever decided to have Mxyzptlk (a compelling Peter Gadiot) sing Aladdin songs, make Hamilton references (“How do you like the duds, Monsieur Hamilton? I’m […]

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SUPERGIRL and the Power of Belief

Supergirl’s 12th episode (“Luthors”) was full of equal parts awkward, heartbreaking, and endearing. First, obviously, is Mon-El’s weird dance of lies. He claims to be dating Eve, but Eve tells Kara he spent their entire date talking about her. Kara tells Mon-El she was mad at him for dating Eve, but then…runs away. Okay, to […]

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Love and Risk in SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 11th episode (“The Martian Chronicles”—shoutout to Ray Bradbury) gave me a whole lotta feels, y’all. Let’s start with the awkward, shall we? It’s Kara’s Earth Birthday! Alex kiiiinda pulls a Sixteen Candles and forgets about it in favor of a date with Maggie…to see Barenaked Ladies. No, really. Is it suddenly 1999 again, or […]

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A Spark of Hope on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s tenth episode (“We Can Be Heroes”—Bowie reference ftw!) fell pretty neatly under the heading of heroism: what it means to be a hero, who can be a hero, the imperfection of heroes, and being the ordinary hero. But moreover? I think it’s about preconceptions and second chances. How, sometimes, even the supposed “villain” can […]

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Redshirts and Relationships on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s ninth episode (“Supergirl Lives”) covers a lot of ground, but with deft purpose. No slouch in the least, Kevin Smith brings his usual flair for humor and complicated, emotion-laden scenes. In short, it was good to have Kara and the whole gang back on screen. First, let’s talk about Winn. His confidence gets shaken, […]

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Count the Lights

The holidays often end up being a time of Claymation specials, bright lights, spiked punch, and—of course—reflection. Yes, family can be a bit of a minefield, and there’s always that one uncle that everyone avoids like the plague. And yes, the world appears to be quite the flaming garbage fire in a lot of respects. […]

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SUPERGIRL: Stronger Together

Supergirl’s second episode (“The Last Child of Krypton”) doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Its overarching theme is clear: family’s family—even those who are chosen and not blood—and no one gets anywhere or accomplishes anything alone. (You hear that, Trump?) Rifts are not in short supply: Cat’s leaving CatCo. Alex and Kara have a fight. […]

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SUPERGIRL’s Fresh Start

The first episode (“The Adventures of Supergirl”) of Supergirl on the CW—to borrow a metaphor from Cat Grant—dove right in. A couple of quick changes: the DEO is no longer underground and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) fulfills his Geek potential as a new employee of the DEO (“Challenge accepted”—how perfectly Barney Stinson.). Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) […]

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Hope and Heart Save the Day on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 20th episode (its season finale, “Better Angels”) did what this show does best: pulled at heartstrings and inspired. Time and again, the message is that good can triumph over evil and that darkness doesn’t win, no matter the odds. The bond between all of the characters is strong. And in the end, it’s that […]

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SUPERGIRL: Choosing Hope Over Fear

Supergirl’s nineteenth episode (“Myriad”) did an excellent job of focusing on the human issues behind Non’s mind-control weapon. It throws together an unlikely team: Supergirl, Cat, and Maxwell. On the surface, it seems like an odd mix, but they work together surprisingly well. When Myriad starts, Kara fights Maxima (who is bitter about Kal-El) and […]

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"Supergirl" Melissa Benoist meets Flash Grant Gustin

SUPERGIRL: A Flash of Joy

Supergirl’s 18th episode (“Worlds Finest”) was nothing short of delightful. It was lighthearted and funny, which is very true to the tone of the show. The addition of Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin, who is perfect; if you’re not watching The Flash, DO IT) infused even more humor into and wit into an already charming […]

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SUPERGIRL: The Past Is Always Present

Supergirl’s 17th episode (“Manhunter”) is all about assumptions and revelations. It is also about picking sides, and there’s a clear-cut good side and bad side—although, everyone has their reasons. Lucy Lane and a Colonel James Harper show up at the DEO to interrogate Hank, whose powers are conveniently kept in check by a nifty little […]

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SUPERGIRL: Good Girl Goes Bad

Episode 16 of Supergirl (“Falling”) was interesting in terms of revelation and character development. After being exposed to Red Kryptonite, Kara turns malicious, mean, snarky, and wild. But what’s most interesting is how she unleashes her inner Mean Girl. The change starts off gradually. Kara shows up to CatCo, dressed like a sexier version of […]

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