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The Chaos of Family on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 17th episode (“All About Eve”) was fun, but it felt largely like filler. I was excited to see M’yrnn again (Carl Lumblyis always brilliant)! He was hilarious (the coffee line, etc.), but I found myself frustrated with J’onn’s identity crisis. It resolved with his dad’s visit, but the emotional tension didn’t land for me. I know it wasn’t really M’yrnn, but I feel like that was a missed opportunity to have it actually be his pops.

But one of my favorite things about this episode was Alex, Lena, and Supergirl teaming up to hunt down Eve. It led to an obviously poignant moment where Supergirl admitted she was wrong. Further still, she gives props to Lena: “You saved them in a way I couldn’t.” I loved the vulnerability, the confessions, the genuine look of fear of Supergirl’s face. Melissa Benoist conveys so much emotion with a flick of her eyes. And Katie McGrath is so, so good as Lena. It was difficult watching Alex (the divine Ms. Chyler Leigh) take Lena’s side over Kara’s. Would she have, if she remembered her sister? I’m not sure. But that scene, and the subsequent teamwork fighting the Franken Metallo, was absolutely brilliant. (“We’re on your side, Supergirl.” from Lena at the end of the episode was excellent. I love how these three have come together.)

Another thing I thought was fascinating was the humanizing of Eve (saving her cousin) paired with the revelation that she shot Jimmy, not Manchester. There’s good in every villain, I suppose. People are rarely entirely evil. And while I don’t see Eve ever finding redemption, it was a nice reminder. Bad people can do good things. It doesn’t negate the damage they’ve done.

I think it’s great that Jimmy is getting a PTSD storyline (going to see his sister at the close of the episode was rather poignant). I think that his sister, although well-meaning, came across as hella pushy initially—I mean, James did try and get her to live. I wonder at her sudden appearance and aggressive nature; it would’ve been easier to swallow if we’d seen her once or twice before. Little details go a long way. However, I am fully on board with Jimmy getting back to taking pictures. I would honestly like to see more of Jimmy returning to his roots.

Lastly, I find it fascinating that Lex has been pulling so many strings. Ben Lockwood seemed horrified by Lex. Using Snowbird to cause chaos as if she were Supergirl was a solid tactic to sow discord. The president pounced, which makes me wonder if he’s not a puppet of Lex’s too. Or maybe someone else disguised as the president. It would be an interesting reveal, down the line, if we found out he was Otis or something similar.

Catch you next week, nerds!

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