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Empire Building

With the world around us going MANDALORIAN-crazy, it seemed like the perfect time to re-present this offering, originally published May 18, 2005, just as REVENGE OF THE SITH, the most recent Star Wars film, was about to hit theatres. Enjoy: It’s time once more for one of our trips in the Wayback Machine. This time? […]

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The Wookiee Goes Solo

Rhawk-Arrgh, rrrooaarrgghh! That’s Shyriiwook (AKA Wookiespeak) for “May all the forces be with you!” Who doesn’t remember the big walking carpet from the beloved Star Wars trilogy? While he did have lines, he obviously never said anything all but the most avid Wookie fans could understand. Therefore, this issue really caught my interest simply because […]

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Striking Back

The consequences of Disney buying up most of my childhood, like Marvel and Star Wars, have really yet to fully reveal themselves.  As much as I worry about an oversaturation of Star Wars films or too much intrusion of Marvel material into the theme parks, I also see things like the upcoming Star Wars-themed land […]

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Cassie Hack Goes to the Movies

Okay, so there’s never been a Hack/Slash movie – which is a crime against movie-goers everywhere – but Tim Seeley’s creator-owned epic is about as ingrained in the culture of horror film as a comic can be. Besides the B-movie aesthetic, gory action, and schlocky humor, the very concept is a response to a common […]

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Shadows of the Empire

When is a movie not a movie? In 1996, Lucasfilm finally told the story of what happened between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Titled Shadows of the Empire, it had a novelization, new toys, a video game tie-in, and a complete soundtrack; everything but a film. In fact that was the […]

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It’s Time to Get Things Started

So let’s all get in the Wayback Machine, and head back to February 1980. It had been three years since Star Wars came out and melted our brains. We knew The Empire Strikes Back was coming that summer, but in those prehistoric days before the Internet and the 24-hour news cycle, we had no idea […]

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Watch How They Soar

Even though the final episode aired way back in 2003, the geek community still unites in solidarity over the tragic cancelation of Firefly. With Serenity, we did get a major motion picture that continued the story for a blissful 119 minutes, but that’s not nearly enough to make up for the painful what ifs. Dark […]

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The Fairly Odd Figures

Collecting Kenner Star Wars Action Figures became my entire life starting in Christmas 1978. That was the first Christmas that Star Wars toys were widely available in stores. The modern day equivalent would be the recent phenomenon of Frozen, where Disney had no idea how popular the movie was going to be and didn’t have […]

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Holiday Not-So-Special

As we barrel toward the newest STAR WARS film at the end of the year, we’ll no doubt be seeing all manner of old Star Wars material re-released, revived or otherwise re-presented. However, there’s one piece of STAR WARS arcana you never see officially released. The relic about which George Lucas has famously said that […]

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Foot in the Door

Fair warning… my perspective on this is going to be relatively unique. I don’t know much about Star Wars. I saw the original trilogy when I was a kid, when it was re-released in theaters in 1997, one per month beginning in January and ending in March. I remember liking it well enough. I remember […]

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The End of the Line

In 1985, the long reign of the original Kenner Star Wars toy line was sadly coming to an end.  With no new film on the horizon and nothing to keep the Star wars flame going in the public eye, interest was waning and Kenner was stuck watching the toy aisle, long dominated by Jedi and […]

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Marvel's '70s Star Wars Comics: What Next?

Marvel’s ’70s Star Wars Comics: What Next?

In 1978, Marvel had just finished a smash hit six-issue adaptation of STAR WARS, with a droid-hungry public clamoring for more. What to do next? Clearly, the answer was all-new Star Wars adventures, which wound up in the hands of the man who had shephered the arrival of Star Wars to Marvel, writer/editor “Rascally” Roy […]

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