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Family Troubles on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 19th episode (“Snow Pack”) was insanely well acted. It totally blew me away from the start. The initial fight between Barry and Iris was nothing short of brilliant. Both Grant Gustin and Candice Patton sold each hurt look, each bit of anger, each unshed tear. It was also an incredibly real fight in which two people who love each other can’t find common ground. Sometimes, that’s the moment that breaks a couple. Sometimes, that hardship brings them closer together. I will admit to laughing when Barry insisted that he was right, this time, unlike all the other times he made poor decisions. That was perfect.

I enjoyed Ralph and Iris teaming up to go to the future. Ralph hasn’t had a bad pair-up yet. It’s fun getting to see his one-on-one dynamic with everyone. I’m enjoying how the show is employing him, this season. It was also incredibly fascinating to see Thawne actively care about Nora and have a confrontation with Iris. He’s a fascinating character, and Tom Cavanagh does such a nuanced job of bringing him to life. The voice is obvious, but the way he holds himself is a great detail. Contrast that with Sherloque’s rather flamboyant attitude, and it’s a hell of a job. (Speaking of Sherloque, the “Safer than dying.” line cracked me up.)

Now, the Snow Pack storyline. There was good and bad about it. I like that it brought Caitlin and her mom (Susan Walters) closer together. Clearing the air about Thomas (Kyle Secor) was really well done. I found Icicle’s resurgence fascinating, especially the fight between him and Killer Frost. That was totally epic, as was Thomas saving Caitlin. It was a wonderful reunion, and I honestly yelled at the TV when Thomas died. Here’s the thing: I don’t think his death was necessary. It seemed that his character was nothing more than a catalyst to patch things with up Caitlin and her mom, but I would’ve been more interested in him sticking around. Yes, he sacrificed himself for Caitlin, but this show has enough dead parents. This felt super unnecessary.

Speaking of, Nora as some kind of rage monster? Not super thrilled with that development either, although I’m sure it will make for compelling tv to try and wrangle her back to the side of good. Will Thawne be part of that too? Perhaps. He does, as Iris pointed out, truly care about her. That is something I’m quite interested in.

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