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Journey into Mystery

The year was 1962, and Marvel editor Stan Lee was feeling the pressure. Stan had come out of the gate three for three: his first three new “Marvel Comics” had been met with unexpected success at the newsstands. THE FANTASTIC FOUR, the INCREDIBLE HULK and the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN were not only selling like hotcakes, but […]

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He’s a Man of Wealth and Taste

Let’s take a look back at the scariest guy in comics, with the debut appearance of Marvel’s answer to Old Scratch himself, Mephisto. Back in 1968, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Stan Lee had finally given a solo series to his favorite creation: the Silver Surfer. Stan was looking to create the ultimate villain for his noblest of […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Incredible Hulk #1

Here we go with another installment of Marvel First! This time, we’re checked in with everyone’s favorite monster… Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk himself. This series in which the Hulk debuted, The Incredible Hulk, was published in 1962. Like all of the big Marvel #1s that we’ve looked at so far, this one was written […]

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That Dad was nearly killed by radiation, by the way.

Silver Age Marvel

The Silver Age is remembered as a return of civilization following the Wertham-MSM-book burning Dark Ages. Like all turns in history there is truth in this and much more truth that gets away. In the Golden Age there were many comic book companies. All American, DC, EC, Timely, Centaur, MLJ, Quality, Fox Feature Syndicates, Fawcett, […]

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Marvel Firsts: Avengers #1

Okay, so obviously there have been many AVENGERS #1s. I think somewhere between twenty and twenty-five this year, give or take. This time, though, we’re dialing back to the Silver Age for a look at the genuine article… the very first time that Marvel heroes united against a common threat and decided to call themselves […]

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Gone Too Soon: Herb Trimpe

So. Memory is a tricky thing. Those names and details that mean so much to you early in life can follow you around silently, laying low in the background of your subconscious, until one day, when you read a post on Twitter or Facebook, suddenly emotions you didn’t know you had come roaring to the […]

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Blastoff Welcomes The Jimmy Cummings Collection

Comic books are memories. We don’t collect the stories inside the covers as much as we reclaim the stories within ourselves when we first held them. Who was I back then? What did I wear? Who were my best friends? How did I pay for it? What bike did I ride? What did my mother […]

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Sure, Doctor Doom may be a FANTASTIC FOUR villain, but he’s crossed paths with your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man from time to time: And it happened for the first time in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5! And you can own it! Click here to buy!

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.