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Disney Comics, Barks and Rosa

All this month, we’ll be helping Children’s Hospital Los Angeles‘ Make March Matter campaign, which aims to raise over a million dollars in March alone for CHLA through the efforts of its corporate partners, among which we are proud to be numbered. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles sees over 528,000 patient visits annually, and is the […]

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The Comics 101 Bookshelf

A closer look this week at a couple of noteworthy new releases at comic shops nationwide. First up is SUICIDE SQUAD: TRIAL BY FIRE, the first collection of the original comics by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell from the late 1980s that serve as much of the basis and backbone of the upcoming Warner Brothers […]

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Walt & Merlin

Meet a Disney Legend: Bill Peet

Bill Peet (1915-2002) is not a name that most people would know. His name is normally lost in the conversation about bigger people. In this case, the bigger person is Walt Disney. Peet is responsible for some of the most iconic imaging in Disney’s early films. He cut his teeth on Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia, and […]

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A Strange Trip to Treasure Island

The first Duck Universe comic I covered for Blastoff, Don Rosa’s Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck: A Matter of Some Gravity, was trippy in a challenging and engaging way. I found myself in a completely different world when I moved on to a tale by writer Carlo Chendi and artist Luciano Bottaro. This one, Donald […]

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dumbo and the eagle

Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers Go On Adventures

When Disney’s live action Maleficent movie came to theaters last spring, I spent some time digging through the Internet to find some Sleeping Beauty-inspired recipes. I stumbled across a treasure among the decorated cake pops and cookies and found an illustrated recipe for Flora’s Fudge. It was printed in a Sleeping Beauty comic from way […]

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Visiting the Legendary Museum of the Weird

The story behind Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird is every bit as interesting (if not a wee bit more) than the comic itself. When Disney famously bought Marvel, there was huge debate about what it would mean for the content of the comics, particularly Marvel’s superhero universe. The quality didn’t end up changing, and […]

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The Town That Toons Built

In the 1988 landmark film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, hardboiled detective Eddie Valiant (played perfectly by Bob Hoskins) must overcome his prejudice against cartoon characters and defend lovable Roger when it looks like the rabbit is going to be executed for murder.  You see, it wasn’t that long ago that a “Toon” dropped a safe […]

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Dell’s Ducks

Dell Comics released The Funnies in 1929, which is credited as one of the first publications of a comic book with original material. The book was published in tabloid-size, as opposed to the traditional comic book format, which would become standard in 1933 with the release of Famous Funnies (and setting up the long standing […]

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Recharging WALL-E

Seeing Wall-E in theaters for the first time made me feel like a kid again. Yeah, in the whole childish wonder way, but it made me think of a specific memory. When I was really young, I loooooved 101 Dalmatians. I was obsessed with Dalmatians, terrified of anyone even whispering the name Cruella De Ville, […]

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Magic on Main Street

You know that thought we all have during a magic show when we wonder what it would be like to go backstage after the show and see how the miracles are accomplished? How we’d stumble backstage into a world of rabbits and top hats, of silver cups and magic wands and find that maybe it’s […]

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