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Face to Face With the Truth on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“Goldfaced”) gave us Thawne, being both creepy and wise: “A man does not wear another man’s face, unless he understands his mind.” It was an interesting observation about Sherloque that he had, but I’m more interested in the fact that Sherloque married the same woman on multiple earths. Fascinating detail, and lovely to see Kimberly Williams-Paisley. (When are we getting a Tenth Kingdom sequel? Ahem.)

I am deeply intrigued by Nora’s relationship with Thawne, and I thought the plan to distract Sherloque was amusing. I mean, Renee pegging him as a creepy stalker was well done, and so was his apology to her at the close of the episode. And as much as I know Nora had an agenda, it was rather sweet, seeing her try—fail—and try to help him out. I think, at some point, everyone needs a Nora to remind them that all the bad things they think about themselves—or they’ve been told by other people—aren’t true. Because it’s all too easy to believe the bad stuff.

Speaking of, Barry and Ralph make terrible bad guys, despite Barry’s brief turn as The Chemist. (That moment was some excellent acting by Grant Gustin, and I was amused.) I found Goldface interesting, although his Mister T chain was a bit over the top. I mean, could gold conduct enough electricity to fry a person? I’m not sure, but I know it’s less conductive than copper. Why am I being a science nerd? Because it would make Caitlin proud. And also because I didn’t care for the resolution of the fight with Goldface.

I did, however, enjoy Barry and Ralph teaming up, while realizing they’re both awesome, even without their powers. But you know what wasn’t awesome? Iris getting caught by Cicada, snooping around his house, alone. I mean, sweet child, what? I did like how Iris handled herself, pretending she was there for a story. That was well done. And stabbing him was well done, too. Iris can look after herself, certainly.

But the one glaring problem, for me, was Chris Klein’s acting in that scene. In general, too, but in that scene particularly. It was like he was doing an impression of Will Arnett as Lego Batman, if Lego Batman had Hulk-like rage issues. I don’t mean that in a good way. While I don’t loathe Klein in general, his portrayal often falls flatter than an overcooked pancake. There’s no nuance to his delivery or gestures. I wanted more layers, but all I got was a throaty growl and awkward leaning.

Hopefully, this storyline wraps up soon. Bring back Amunet! Anyone, really. Not to sound like Jennifer Aniston’s boss in Office Space, but I need a villain with more flare, please.


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