THE FLASH Gets Ice Cold

The Flash’s sixth episode (“The Icicle Cometh”) is definitely my favorite of the season so far.The constant theme of found family is a powerful one, and Team Flash is an excellent example. I mean, Barry and Cisco (“So, Snow Patrol, what’s going on?”) meddle like the Scooby Gang to help Caitlin find her dad. It was sweet. But they also threw down when they were concerned for Caitlin about her dad’s intentions.

Turns out, the boys were right, because he’s a homicidal icicle, but that’s really beside the point. At the heart of this episode is the relationships, the bonds between the characters—including the bond between Caitlin and Killer Frost: “I’m strong, because I have people in my life that actually care about me.” That was a brilliant, powerful moment. And I loved that Caitlin found the strength inside herself when it mattered most. I mean, was it cheesy that Barry, Cisco, and Nora were incapacitated? Sure. But was it an emotionally powerful scene? You bet your frostbite it was. And that’s why the show often works so well. You can forgive the saccharine when it comes with such great acting, dialogue, and relatable feelings.

Danielle Panabaker constantly knocks it out of the park, but she was exceptional in this episode. Thinking she found her father and then having to confront the monster that looked like her father? So many feels. All of them. A case of feels. Panabaker has a gift for conveying honest, raw grief and conflict in a single glance. She and Chyler Leigh have that in common.

I think the idea of found family is super important. Sure, not all of us have a situation as dire as a cold mother and a once-dead/not-dead/villainous father. But blood family can be tough, so it’s nice to see a positive example of chosen family. There’s something powerful in it, knowing you’re not alone. A situation may be total crap, but not having to shoulder it alone is huge.

On an entirely different note, Ralph and Cecille teaming up was my favorite thing ever. It was fun seeing them figure things out together, and it was sweet to see Ralph give her a pep talk. I’m constantly amused by how far his character has come in such a short time. And I love Cecille getting her mojo back!

Sherloque helping Iris and Nora have an opportunity to team up was sweet. I can’t quite figure out Sherloque yet. He complained about Nora tagging along, but then facilitated a moment for them. He’s not as gruff as he’d like to appear. There’s an observant, quiet quality to the character. It’s fun to see each Wells incarnation and how very different each is from the rest.

Obviously, things are about to get real with Bug Man, who appears to be a huge jerk to everyone, not just metas. He laid into the doctor who was trying to help him, and I wish we were able to muster more sympathy for him. I get we’re supposed to care, because of his kid, but we’ve seen not softness from him, no glimmer to humanize him. I think we need to see something relatable from him to round out his evil glowing ways.

Happy (almost) Turkey Day, my fellow Americans! Happy Wednesday to the rest of you nerds. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to start my Turkey Day prep…


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