Crunchy Pancakes, a Meet/Cute, and Parenting Problems on THE FLASH

The Flash’s fourth episode (“News Flash”) pits the Flash gang against Spencer (Spin), a rival of Iris, who seems to be solely focused on catastrophe and clickbait. While I’m fairly tired of Millennials being the punch line on everything (leave my avocado toast mortgage payment and get off my lawn), her character was interesting. I mean, the scene where she flirted with Nora? Adorable. If she wasn’t awful, I would’ve hope they’d “meet/cute later.”

What I loved most about this episode, though, was seeing Barry and Iris muddle through as parents. I mean, the disaster breakfast full of NOPE-cakes and charcoal toast was hilarious. But it was also nice to see Barry being a shoulder for Iris, instead of her constantly doing his emotional circus. I loved that we got to see Iris’ insecurities about what she does to Nora in the future. I loved seeing her spin out when her daughter blocked her, because that was relatable. Her desire to connect with her future kid is really well done. Candice Patton is great. But Barry being a partner and counterbalance to Iris? It was sweet: “Well, it’s a good thing I have enough faith in you for the both of us.” I mean swoon, dude.

Bookending with Iris saving Barry’s life, and honestly? They’re a pretty great pair. That’s further underscored when Barry takes Iris’ side in the argument with Nora, toward the end of the episode. It’s true that I could see Nora’s point of view: “You did it to control me. … You took a choice away from me that I didn’t even know that I had. A choice to be a hero, like my dad.” That was a powerful moment. But Barry (king of bad timing, walking in, during the fight) sided with Iris, and it was just another moment where we can see team West-Allen shine.

I love, love having a Wells back. From him urging Caitlin to punch him to giving Ralph credit (“You were right. I was…less right.” SNORT.) about the mask discovery, Sherloque is amusing and irritating and charming. Even if he puts his glasses on like David Caruso. What? It’s true. Tom Cavanagh manages this eye twinkle thing that is just fantastic. *swoon* *ahem* Sorry, where was I?

My final question is this: why did Cicada have a stripper pole in the middle of his living room? Because if he didn’t accidentally crush a stripper pole while having some kind of pain seizure, I don’t know what that was about. Hopefully, next week, we’ll learn more about bug man AND how to squash him.

But for now, I’m gonna go crash at Papa Joe’s like everyone else.


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