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Second Chances and Redemption on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 10th episode (“The Flash & the Furious”) made me a little frustrated at times, but I think the overall message was solid. While Nora’s anger and rampant distrust was a bit grating, I enjoyed the central theme, which is that people can change. It’s so easy to put someone in a box, point to it, and say “bad.” But humans, and metahumans, are full of so many layers.

Which brings us to Thawne and his quest for redemption. Is it wrong that I kind of find him hot? Probably (let’s just chalk that up to my crush on Tom Cavanagh). But there’s something incredibly compelling about his earnestness, the way he speaks to Nora in particular. He’s trying to make an effort, albeit possibly to save his own life: That will not be my legacy. … Let me help you.”

Obviously, Nora carries her mistrust around with her, hurling it around like a weapon. Joss is obviously affected (“Sorry, I don’t trust criminals.” Ouch, XS. Ouch.), whose remorse I found surprising: “My dad is a career criminal. Not me. I just…I want to show everyone I’m not the person that they think I am. … Just give me a chance.” I like the Cecille still has a bit of her empath abilities, and you’d think Nora would maaaaybe trust the person who can literally feel other people’s emotions. But hey, she is Barry’s daughter, and who hasn’t made terrible decisions after being let down by someone?

I enjoyed that Iris and Barry about on the same page about both parenting and redemption, without even needing to touch base. (Side note: it was hilarious that Barry was reading Mick’s book. Brilliant choice.) Barry’s optimism and openness always warm my heart: “I think part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people. So, yeah, maybe someday, in the future, even Thawne could change. Besides, if we don’t believe in people, who will?” This obviously comes into play with Joss (Reina Hardesty did a lovely job) and Nora, the former who ends up saving the latter’s life.

I think it was interesting that Nora admitted she didn’t trust Thawne, but gave him the chance to redeem himself: “Fine, I don’t trust you. But I’m willing to give you the chance to change my mind.” How often do people just need a chance to make amends? Often, I think. And while I’m insanely curious about Thawne’s circumstances, I think the notion that people can grow and become better is so important.

Which brings us to Cisco and Caitlin. Look, I adore them—including whenever Frost pops in. Do I think it’s weird and somewhat out of character for Cisco to want to ditch his powers for good? Yes. I do. Divesting yourself of a part of who you are is rarely a good thing. And a normal life is not necessarily a virtue (shoutout to Practical Magic). But I loved the realization that friends support each other, even if they don’t agree? Hell yes. I think the cure is going to go sideways, because there are so many ways it could fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil. But I think Cisco realizing that it has to be a choice is huge: “Rule number one: we’re not just here to make a cure. We’re here to make a choice.” That’s key.

Lastly, what the ever-loving hell is going on with Sherloque? He’s sly about his questions for the most part, and since he didn’t know about Gideon, I guess he’s not secretly Thawne in disguise. But why did Nora delete all her files? That was a nice twist.

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