Confronting Your Worst Fears on THE FLASH

The Flash’s eleventh episode (“Seeing Red”) carried a lot of emotional weight. When Nora is injured by Cicada, there are a lot of questions, and her fears rang true: “What if I don’t heal, Mom? What if I don’t get better.” Props to Jessica Parker Kennedy for selling a multitude of emotions, including when she kept Barry from killing Cicada. Iris and Barry spent time as worried parents, and it was a nice bit of normalcy amid the chaos. But I particularly enjoyed Candice Patton in this episode. Iris confronting Sherloque and all his weirdness was brilliant, from the look she gave him to the inflection: “That’s my daughter in there. … So, I’m going to need you to tell me right now why you are investigating Nora.” Well done, Momma Bear West-Allen. (Side-note: Sherloque’s sleuthing skills are good, but I cannot figure out his angle. Is he merely curious? I can’t tell what he’s hoping for. But Cavanagh is fantastic.)

I loved Caitlin/Killer Frost’s scenes with Ralph. Honestly, Ralph has a sweetness to him, and he’s also fairly sharp—a far cry from the Ace Ventura days. I like how he’s grown. I mean, sure, he’s still a bit of a doofus, but that’s not a bad thing. It was fascinating to see him ferret out Killer Frost’s concerns, even going so far as to put her at ease, reassure her fears.

And again, I love how human Killer Frost’s concerns were—how she wasn’t worried solely for herself, but also for Cailtin: “If I’m gone, who’s going to protect her?” It was touching, and I enjoyed that Caitlin gave her a heads up about Cicada’s dagger. The heart of this show is always relationships, and this Jekyll and Hyde one has become a favorite. I totally laughed at the delivery of, I didn’t hate you. I thought you were being stupid.” That, right there, is a reminder that we can dislike someone’s actions but still love them.

Obviously, we need to talk about Cecille, badass MVP of this episode. I love how she’s constantly a force to be reckoned with, dealing with Officer Jones with a tenacity and fire. Danielle Nicolet really sells not only her strength, but the moments that catch her off guard (like when her emotional spider sense starts tingling). I did laugh out loud when Captain Singh (the lovely Patrick Sabongui) jokingly made a comment about her reading minds. I half thought she might confess, but.

And, lastly, Barry. I have to say that I didn’t care for his anger. In this episode, he realized that he loved Nora more than he could’ve imagined. And that’s great, but his anger detracted from his character. Not that I think being angry is wrong or that it was unjustified, but it read as over-the-top to me. I would’ve been more interested to see him break down or break things. His short fuse, although understandable, didn’t thrill me.

Obviously, he’s gonna be hella pissed when he finds out Cicada is going after Nora again. But I love the idea that the way to solve this problem is wake up Grace. I mean, sure, we don’t know how. But knowing Team Flash, they’ll find a way.


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