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Frakking With Time and Romance on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 14th episode (“Cause and XS”) proves that Nora is absolutely Barry’s daughter, because I exclaimed “Nora, no” several times. I will say that there’s always an earnest sweetness to her screw ups, because she genuinely means well. I also love that Sherloque is often the only one to observe her weirdness initially, picking up on her mood and little clues. What Tom Cavanagh does in those moment is genius, a sharp-eye to Nora’s doe eyes.

That said, I am absolutely, super over Cicada. I mean, him showing up, kidnapping Iris, and his whole Bond villain-style plotting (“You’re not the only one who does their research. … I know you work with The Flash and the other heroes. … Tonight, I’m gonna beat you. All of you.”). It’s tiresome, and not just because I dislike Klein’s portrayal (but I do, so much, because no). I feel like the arc has dragged on for far too long. I prefer the villain-of-the-week episodes, honestly.

I will say that I find the Groundhog’s Day premise amusing, noting how one change yields the same end result (someone dying, leaving Nora to rewind time). The details shift around based on her actions, which is a neat touch. I especially enjoyed how Cisco vibe’d on his hideously bad date that he repeatedly tanked in myriad ways (John Travolta outfit making an appearance, followed by gym rat, and hipster instagrammer). But I wonder, has she learned nothing from her or Barry’s past actions? There will be consequences (as even Barry points out, “The thing is, Nora, there are consequences to time travel. … We’re not gods, Nora. We’ve just been given extraordinary abilities.”).

It was fascinating see some of the characters catch on to her shenanigans—fifty two times—namely, Sherloque and Cisco. Using Cisco’s vibe power was genius, not just because it would help him not frak up his date. No, I think it may go a long way in allowing him to appreciate his powers. I also enjoyed his bonding moment with Nora, where they shared a moment over movies and the importance of teamwork. It was a really sweet, useful instant.

As usual, Team Flash realizes that they can only win when they work as a team. I love that the show comes back to that premise often—that no one gets through things alone. That you can take on a problem yourself, but there’s no shame in needing help. It’s that help that allows them to use Cicada’s dagger against him, although he vanished into the night (did we, uh, know he could do that?).

One final thought about Thawne: he’s terrifying, but I also (much like Nora) find myself wanting to believe him. I’m enjoying the slow reveal of his role and intentions. It’s very well done, creating a lot of tension. And now we know what Nora’s motivations are: “I am the only speedster who knows what he’s doing. Stick with the plan. Follow my instructions. … And then, we will save your father.”

I mean, this is all going to go at least 80 different kinds of sideways, but it wouldn’t be an Allen-centric storyline if it didn’t.

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