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It Pays to Be an Optimist on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 22nd episode (“Think Fast”) showcases how far DeVoe has spiraled into chaos, remorseless in his pursuit of what he thinks to be right. The Murder Symphony that starts off the episode was so very excellent. But he’s ancillary, for this go round, as far as I’m concerned. Team Flash, engaging with each other […]

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Breakups and Breakthroughs on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 20th episode (“Therefore She Is”) reveals a lot. First of all, we were treated to several Marlize and DeVoe flashbacks, which kind of showed that his caustic personality was not due to his illness. Or the dark matter. Nope, he was definitely was a zealot-y jerk, with romantic tendencies. Although, I’m still trying […]

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A Speedster Freaky Friday on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 16th episode (“Run, Iris, Run”) started off incredibly strong. The Cisco quips (“We’re not Frankenstein-ing innocent people.” and asking Harry, “And which [degree] is in Mad Science?”) were hilarious. Honestly, Harry and Cisco banter is always aces, given the begrudging and sometimes snarky affection between them. That aside, I knew that this episode […]

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Bombs, Love, and Grief on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 15th episode (“Enter Flashtime”) was an interesting way to bring characters together (Jesse! Killer Frost! Jay!), while tackling some issues. Given the circumstances (time slowed down, nuclear bomb etc.), it wasn’t as quippy as usual. I mean, I suppose it’s difficult to be funny and try and get rid of a bomb. Just […]

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Body-Switching Shenanigans on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“True Colors”) displayed the heart of a lot of the characters, ranging from Becky being kind and doing good to Ralph stepping up to multiple challenges to Amunet snarking her way through a series of plans gone awry. One of my favorite things had to be Killer Frost giving Ralph a […]

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A Tiny Problem on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”) was hilarious, well written, adorable, and poignant. This show has made me laugh a whole lot this season, which is such a win. The writers are absolutely crushing it (Cisco quipping, “Eh, never trust a mustache, I always say.” And Harry snarking, “Gorilla prison is worse. […]

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A Hero Is Made, Not Born on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 11th episode (“The Elongated Knight Rises”) was rife with chaotic fun. It was always a big question mark of how they’d handle Barry being in prison. It does feel a bit weird that Wally didn’t come back, but Ralph stretches onto the scene. I swear, I cannot see Hartley Sawyer without seeing a […]

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All the Right Moves on THE FLASH

The Flash’s ninth episode (“Don’t Run”) was not surprisingly cerebral. (Come on. You know I was going to make that joke at some point, right?) It felt very much like a chess game, arranging the pieces just so, right before going in for the kill. In this case, somewhat literally. The knife set, with one […]

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A Bit of Wits on THE FLASH

The Flash’s seventh episode (“Therefore I Am”) had Barry veering quickly into Barry no territory, aka bad decision making. At one point, Iris asks him—mildly horrified—“So you think DeVoe and his wife are supervillains?” The kicker is, obviously, that Barry isn’t wrong. Sure, he gets in trouble at work, breaks into their house, and then […]

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THE FLASH: #Feminism

The Flash’s fifth episode (“Girls Night Out”) gives us SO MUCH awesome. We meet the divine and amazing stellar Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black (she looks like an ‘80s dominatrix gone rogue: “Is there any part of the way I’m dressed that leads you to believe I want to be called ma’am?”). Ralph Dibny continues […]

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Stretching Beyond Expectations on THE FLASH

The Flash’s fourth episode (“Elongated Journey Into Night”) was hilarious, charming, and surprisingly heartfelt. It centers around a former colleague of Barry and Joe, Ralph Dibny, who planted evidence and is currently a PI. Think of him as Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, if Ventura were more neurotic and less bizarre. Hartley Sawyer took this […]

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Of Luck and Chess on THE FLASH

The Flash’s third episode (“Luck Be a Lady”) was both amusing and jaw-dropping, a balance of wit and sadness. The return of Harry (hooray!) meant delivering a break up cube (boo—and dear god, that’s worth that Russell Brand breaking up with Katy Perry via text…and yes, I know way too much about random pop culture). […]

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