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Finding the Good in the Bad on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 23rd episode (“We Are The Flash”) gave us everything: laughter, danger, feels, and a heap of powerful moments. It was, of course, satisfying as hell to finally be rid of DeVoe. I still maintain that his storyline dragged on for far too long, but I loved that way it wrapped up—and that we got Ralph back! My goodness, the moment between Ralph and Barry in DeVoe’s mind was so, so touching. I may have teared up. I’m a soft touch for unexpected reunions.

Although, I wasn’t overly keen on the pressures the situation placed on Cecile. While I loved that she was such a badass to handle labor and using her powers in the middle of it, it felt a little convenient, plot-wise. Everyone involved (including Marlize) sold it fairly well. But it felt strange for that power to serve such a big purpose and that Cecile simply was the conduit for it. Yes, it was a pivotal part that she played, but not an entirely active one.

But credit where it’s due: Iris keeps Team Flash on track, encourages people when they need it, never loses hope, and can even talk her dad down when he gets (understandably) ranty. This season, we got to see her take more of an active role. In this episode, she saved the day be bringing Marlize to Star Labs. Actually, I feel like all of the women were the ones who saved the day. Cecile got Barry where he needed. Caitlin helped her. Marlize destroyed DeVoe for good and got Harry back to himself, although with a reduced IQ (Harry’s response was the BEST: “You brought back what matters.” Truth!). And Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future helped him with the satellite, which sets up next season’s plot, I’m guessing. At least we know bad decision making is genetic (*cough* Barry *cough*). Although, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is incredibly charming and adorable, so I’m looking forward to shenanigans next season.

The truth is, Team Flash is the heart of the show, and that notion shone brightly. Every team member is valuable. Barry encouraged Ralph (“Remember who you are, Ralph—a hero.”), and Ralph reclaimed his body from DeVoe (after a very Matrix-y fight scene that made me laugh—shrimp buffet, guys. Hysterical). Harry used the thinking cap one last time to help figure out what Barry and Ralph should do. (That hug with Cisco—oh my stars and garters. Tears again. You guys at the CW owe me Kleenx!) And, as a final bit of joy, we got to see Wally! It was a nice touch, Joe getting to hear that he’s finally feeling good: “I learned how to be comfortable just being me.” That’s no small thing. It was a very poignant moment, in the middle of a baby…welcoming? It wasn’t a shower. But it was some kind of tiny human welcome home party.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know Nora next season. Race you there, nerds—just try not to bork the timeline, okay?

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