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Memory Is Flawed on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Memorabilia”) has some really cute moments—and a lot of WTF. First, Ralph tricking Cisco into hanging at the bar? Adorable. And surprisingly poignant. It is lovely how far Ralph’s character has come; I love how much he relishes having people in his life. Hartley Sawyer is so, so bloody good in the role. Cisco and Ralph have a fun interplay, and the actors play off each other so well. Carlos Valdes continues to be a favorite.

But another WTF moment is Sherloque—and no, I don’t mean his apparent sidekick, Watsoon. (Dear reader, I laughed.) Sherloque mysteriously acquired the memory machine from his earth, basically insists Nora and Barry have to be the ones to use it. It was the look on his face when he suggested Nora that made me pause. His character always seems to be walking the line between hilarious weirdo and possibly nefarious. There’s just the hint of an edge to him that I find intriguing. Even the way he intentionally puts her in the hot seat is sharp: “It’s not the only reason, though, right? She was protecting her secret.” But just as easily, he provided her with an out.

Going into Grace’s (Islie Hirvonen) mind is an interesting concept, especially given the weird inception angle, where Iris and Barry end up in Nora’s memory. That was a good vehicle for Iris to confront her worst fears and find out they’re not true. Plus, we got to see Barry lose his mind with GLEE over The Flash museum, and it was absolutely adorable. I mean, I kind of want a Flash ring now too.

I liked Grace and Nora connecting, before it all went to hell. Grace’s eventual loathing was hard to watch at times, seeing her twist by hate, warped by her Uncle’s skewed vision and question for vengeance. The contrast between her dream uncle and dream Cicada was a neat choice, too. There’s a haunted quality to her, the fervor of her rage growing with her disappoint in Nora. Will her uncle change his ways to save her from her hate? Maybe. But with that chunk of shrapnel in her head, I’m not sure we’ll get to find out.

Lastly, Iris starts her newspaper! And I am here for it. I love that we’re getting to see her focus more on her career, with Barry supporting her and cheering her on. They encourage each other when it’s needed, and it’s sweet to see how solid their partnership is. I do worry a bit about Nora sending messages about her endeavors to Thawne, especially given his presence in her memories. I wonder how the West-Allens will feel about that revelation when it happens—and we know it’s coming.

But right after Barry uses the meta cure on Cicada! Because duh. Who didn’t see that coming?


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