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The Future Fraks Up the Present on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 17th episode (“Time Bomb”) is Cicada-centric. In a very Terminator-esque move, Grace has traveled back in time to save her uncle and avenge her parents. While Orlin is a total anger ball of a human as Cicada, Grace has a subtle, seething quality to her. She moves with quiet purpose, with an alarming kind of grace. Sarah Carter does an excellent job with her movements and the way she speaks, even if her hair looks like it was stolen off Clarke on The 100. With that cloak, she’d fit right in on that show, for real.

This episode had a lot of backstory in terms of Grace’s family. The death of her parents warped her world view, when coupled with her uncle’s hatred. Orlin is quite changed from his experiences (his horror over the doctor’s death was significant), and he even goes so far as to try and stop Grace in her relentless pursuit of Vickie (unfortunately, Grace kills him, which…was a choice). Vickie’s (Catherine Lough Haggquist) stubbornness surprised me at first, but given her husband’s reaction to her at the hospital, perhaps she was afraid.

Ralph was in particularly fine form this episode, from his well-meaning meddling with Cisco/Kamilla (Spider-Person!) to his pew-pew Star Wars noise to his sweet “I Peter Parker’d her!” (Side note: Does that make Iris J.J. Jameson?) The scenes between Ralph and Cisco are always the best. It was poignant watching Ralph crumble in on himself, feeling his insecurities bubble to the surface: “Sometimes, I forget how embarrassing I can be.” Cisco’s reaction, and defense of his people, was equally powerful. And I love that Ralph so gently pointed out that Cisco cannot keep Kamilla separate from the rest of his life and have his relationship survive.

Another favorite is, as always, Sherloque. I love that he ferreted out the truth about Nora/Thawne (the broom gag in the one scene was amusing too). Operation Shazam (I would love to see Zacchary Levi on the show, fyi) may have given him a bit of prompting, but I love seeing Sherloque investigate. Of course, Iris is aware that something is up with Sherloque, but it all comes to a dramatic head when he spills the beans on her. It’s curious that he didn’t give her a chance to explain, especially since she was prompted by Cecille and her Spidey-sense. The look of horror on everyone’s face, shock, disbelief—it was well done. The look of utter betrayal on Barry’s face was heartbreaking. Barry, who always sees the good in people. Barry, who always tries to understand. Most nice people have their limits. Unfortunately for Nora, she found her father’s.

I still have so many unanswered questions about Thawne and Sherloque. I hope that we get to see a bit more of them in the future. And I hope someone punches Grace in the face. (Where was Caitlin through all of the battles? Because I’d love to see her and Killer Frost go toe-to-toe.) Will we ever learn what’s up with Thawne countdown clock? I need answers, y’all!

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