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Growing Up Goosebumps

All this month, we’ll be helping Children’s Hospital Los Angeles‘ Make March Matter campaign, which aims to raise over a million dollars in March alone for CHLA through the efforts of its corporate partners, among which we are proud to be numbered.  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles sees over 528,000 patient visits annually, and is the […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1

Last time in Marvel Firsts, I fell in love with Roy Thomas and Gil Kane’s work on Marvel Premiere #15, which introduced Iron Fist. Thomas’s writing was clever, passionate, and hungry, creating an experience unlike many others I’ve had while reading superhero comics. This time, we’re jumping backwards in time to 1972 for the first […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: Marvel Premiere #15

Last time in Marvel Firsts, things got all types of macabre with Gerry Conway and Gene Colan’s The Tomb of Dracula #1. We’re switching it back to superheroics this month with the first appearance of Iron Fist, just in time for the upcoming release of his eponymous Netflix series, which drops March 17th – so […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Tomb of Dracula #1

This month, I’m going heavy with the throwbacks. I’ve sporadically continued my Marvel Firsts series over the last year or so, but this February, I’m diving headfirst into Marvel’s history to see where some of its most iconic characters got their starts. First up is a character whose status as a literary icon far precedes […]

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REVISITING: Prisoners of Time

Full disclosure… Scott Tipton, who is, along with his brother David Tipton, the writer of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, is a good friend of mine. I’m putting that out there, because I’d hate for folks to think I’m looking back on this book fondly because of our friendship. See, the thing is, and any […]

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Marvel Firsts: Fantastic Four #5

Five issues into The Fantastic Four, the heroes meet the supervillain that will become their arch-nemesis. (And, er, also the guy who kinda becomes Iron Man in 2017.) Introducing the dastardly, the deadly, the diabolical, the douchey… Doctor Doom. While the Fantastic Four are horsing around in the Baxter Building, a mysterious foe tosses an […]

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Binge-Reading: Paper Girls

I have a bad habit of buying #1s of all of the series I’m interested in, and then either letting the single issues stack up or buying the trade when that drops. In Binge-Reading, an ongoing series of articles I do for Blastoff, I catch up on everything I’ve been missing since falling off the […]

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BINGE READING: Grant Morrison’s Animal Man

It was on Blastoff Comics’ Scott Tipton’s recommendation that I pick up Grant Morrison’s seminal run on Animal Man. It’s a heavy undertaking, with 26 issues collected in three fat trade paperbacks, but with recommendations like Starman, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., and a whole lot more great comics under his belt, Scott’s suggestions have always been […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Incredible Hulk #1

Here we go with another installment of Marvel First! This time, we’re checked in with everyone’s favorite monster… Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk himself. This series in which the Hulk debuted, The Incredible Hulk, was published in 1962. Like all of the big Marvel #1s that we’ve looked at so far, this one was written […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

I was tempted to break away from the rules of my Marvel Firsts series to instead revisit the Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, which, while isn’t a #1 of course, features the debut of Marvel’s iconic web-slinger. But since I’ve already read Amazing Fantasy and not the first issue of the first series […]

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This month, I’ve been revisiting my favorite comics to rediscover the reasons I fell in love with them to begin with. First up was Angel: After the Fall, then Y: The Last Man. My plan was to do the same for Craig Thompson’s graphic novel/kinda-memoir Blankets, but when I began to think more and more […]

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