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Change and Villainy is Afoot on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 13th episode (“What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”) has a surprising amount of humor to it, for one with so much chaos. The quips really were on point (Kara’s “Who’s Clockwork Orange?” Alex’s “Outmatched by a fricking hat.” And Brainy sneering “Kleenx” in the Fortress of Solitude). These punctuate Nia learning how to fight, Manchester wreaking havoc, and J’onn having a crisis of self. (David Harewood did a stellar job of conveying J’onn’s internal conflict.)

Speaking of Manchester, his band of merry villains is fairly amusing, although I do like Hat the best. (His name, however, leaves something to be desired.) What I find interesting about Manchester is that his motivation is relatable, even though his methodology is horrible. (Side note: the restaurant where he met Kara, was that a repurposing of the pizza place where Nia stepped in and helped Brainy earlier in the season. The entrance looked familiar.) It was interesting that he tipped Kara off to Operation Claymore, and not just because it led Kara straight to Alex.

It’s no surprise that I’ve missed sister time. I absolutely loved that Supergirl went to Alex for advice despite the circumstance; seeing them connect during that scene was stellar. Both are isolated due to the memory wipe. The repeated line about doing what’s right was really lovely. I feel like Alex warming up to Supergirl is a precursor to her memory coming back. And General Haley, fed up with the governmental shenanigans, will move their side. That’s just my predication based on the horror on her face, when Alex mentioned Claymore.

Eve (more Andrea Brooks always, please and thank you) and Lena moving into the DEO is an interesting angle. (Did I catch a flirting vibe between her and Alex or is that my dirty shipper heart being a hopeful idiot again? Because I’m kiiiiinda here for it.) I like that they took over Alex’s lab, but it will generally be an excellent way to get more badass ladies of science screentime. Especially in light of Alex finally realizing something is rotten in Denmark: “I think you’re right. There’s something wrong with this government.” I mean, duh. The president is nothing more than a screaming mess of reactionary temper tantrums. (Although, it was somewhat satisfying, watching him dismiss Ben Lockwood.) He commissioned a secret death ray satellite to murder innocent people, sooooo. Yeah, not exactly the type of person you want to invite to Sunday dinner.

Speaking of Lockwood, though, boooooy did he crack his gourd this episode. It was interesting seeing him lose his cool when the perception of himself was challenged. Sure, his insecurities (his main motivator) was smashed repeatedly, but I did not expect him to go off like he did. It was probably the most compelling moment he’s had on the show, from an emotional/acting standpoint.

Lastly, Nia is absolutely everything—and her teaming up with Brainy to train is delightful. Having them train in the Fortress of Solitude was excellent, for comedic purposes—and for information. It was amusing that Nia sidestepped and found out about her powers herself, even if it made her a bit sheepish: “I moved too fast, because that’s what I do.” That moment was perfect, because instead of chastising her, Brainy supported her: “But that’s what heroes do.” That was genius. It’s one of the things I love best about the show—how the characters support and uplift each other, even when they seem to stumble. Plus, Brainy went and made those amazing gloves—a very Winn thing to do, btw. It’s such fun seeing Nia come into her own, even going so far as to give Brainy a pep talk when he needed it. Again, relationships are relentless supportive, even in the less than shining moments.

I think we all need that reminder: that those who love us lift us up, in large and small ways, regardless of circumstances. No one survives the mad world alone. It helps to have, well, super friends.

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