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Boy, Bye: SUPERGIRL Closes the Book on Elseworlds

Supergirl’s ninth episode (“Elseworlds, Part 3”) was almost entirely a delight. First of all, Cisco as a low-rent gangster bank robber, who referred to Superman as Superdick? Genius. (This line was also fantastic: “Gary’s still cleaning up from the last mess you made, Clockwork Orange.” And goodness, I feel like Gary keeps getting the short end in all possible universes.) Kara and Fake Alex managing to form a connection that made me tear more than once? That was impressive: “She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, even though she doesn’t always like to show it. … And she doesn’t hide who she is. … She’s optimistic she can have it all.” It was a hell of a something, seeing Alex stand up to Not Superman and nearly clock Barry protecting Kara. MY FEELS. And no, we’re not going to talk about her disaster of a braid (Caitlin’s hair, however, was flawless).

That said, another MVP is obviously Oliver Queen, confronting the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), seeing the good in people, believing in people. Who would’ve seen that coming from Mr. Keep All My Feelings In? NO ONE. Sure, the Monitor characterized him this way: “Oliver Queen: a man who channels his hubris and anger and calls it strength.” But in the end, Oliver knew himself, acknowledged he wasn’t enough to save the day, and spoke his truth, which is a remarkable amount of growth—even if he still shunned hugs. That awareness and realization made him as much as hero as anything else.

I will say that there were two plot points I didn’t care for. The first was that Kara wasn’t strong enough to open the book; it made her look weak, especially given how the show intentionally pointed out gender earlier: “I know the real man who wears that glyph. He’s not you. … So, you’re imitating my powers and my family crest, but not my gender. Too afraid to be a woman?” I truly wish that the show had a different reason for Superman being The One.

Speaking of The One, this is the first time we’re meeting Lois (who seems like such a badass) and she’s pregnant, engaged, and off to Argos. Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with pregnancy or getting married. But I feel like our first introduction to this incredibly fierce character (who has been mentioned, but not seen, for FOREVER) should’ve been about her as a character (who clearly had a strong mind and will of her own: “I dive where you dive, babe.”), and not a relationship that we haven’t had enough time to invest in. Granted, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch have pretty great chemistry. Hoechlin has a hint of Christopher Reeves’ Kent in him, but I was so excited to see Cat Grant’s rival—and what we got was a blip and reducing her to her relationship. (I realize this may have something to do with Tulloch’s real life pregnancy, but still: argh.)

Those are my own personal nits. I think the crossover, on the whole, was exceptional. Deegan was a serviceable villain (Jeremy Davies is lovely), but I mostly was rooting for everyone to punch him in the face. Oops? I’m absolutely looking forward to the next one (and Batwoman! Oh my stars and garters, GIMME) in 2019. I hope the Legends will get in on the action then, too. Can you imagine Constantine having a chat with Brainy? Or hitting on Alex and getting shot down? Hand me the popcorn, please…


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