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Greatness and Confrontation on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s eighth episode (“Bunker Hill”) gives us Nia in all her badass glory. Turns out, she’s her planet’s version of a Chosen One, if that includes being able to move like Neo from The Matrix and dream possible futures. Nicole Maines really is compelling, equal parts vulnerable (with Kara, talking about her heritage and her powers) and badass (figuring out what her visions mean in time to save Lydia Lockwood, aka Sarah Smyth).

Plus, getting to see her and Brainy together was a win. I mean, they’re adorable and so was watching him fumble over what to reveal, when, and how much. I laughed out loud when he fell in the kitchen, it’s true. That was a perfect pratfall. But his pep talks are pretty great too: “You know, you contain greatness. I can’t tell you how I know, but we can stop this. You can stop this.” One of the things I enjoy so much about this show is how the various characters support each other, cheering each other on. It’s a reminder that no one really accomplishes things alone. We’re stronger together. But I digress.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Manchester/J’onn’s unfortunate mind-meld this episode. Manchester’s confrontation with the Lockwood family—deftly revealing Ben’s secret over tea!—read as too choppy to me, because of the interruptions. I appreciated what the show was trying to do, but it monkeyed with the pacing too much. I feel like the double-speak during that tea party was masterful. The veiled threats volleying between the two men was really well done. I would’ve preferred J’onn not be involved at all, because of how strong that sparring was.

One thing I always appreciate Kara (aside from her flawless hair) is her staunch belief in human goodness. Whether she’s asking after Nia or wearing a cap and flying an ENTIRE building to save multiple people—she is brilliantly badass. The little details shine, too, like her taking the time to single out Nia (while wearing the super suit) and give her praise. I really appreciated her refusal to cooperate with President NOPE. Because seriously, what is with that guy? He’s all kinds of terrible, with a suspiciously long tie.

I mean, demanding Kara’s identity, then dismissing her when she wouldn’t give it? Insane. And the look on Alex’s face was devastating. I will say that it dovetailed nicely in Ben somehow being lauded as a good guy, while protests on his behalf abound. You think it can’t happen, but…real life often suggests otherwise.

But we do what Supergirl does: we show up, we don’t give ground, and we fight.


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