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SUPERGIRL: Here There Be Dragons

Supergirl’s sixth episode (“Call to Action”) had some of the best acting from Katie McGrath and Mehcad Brooks. From their argument about whether or not he should go on Counterpoint (I chuckled when she pulled the Boss card on him, which he deserved) to the fight outside Kara’s apartment, the sparks between them were something to behold. It was fascinating to see them clash and come apart, each convinced of their own rightness. This may be the first time I’ve ever cared about them as a couple.

And here’s the thing: Jimmy needs to get ahold of himself (“I don’t need you freaking out about every little problem I have in my life.”), because it’s not like Lena is having a fit over which kind of beer to buy. She’s justified in her worry (“you’re meeting with a domestic terror group.”). Lena’s motivations are good, but her execution leaves something to be desired. And, as Kara points out, “She protects the ones she loves.” That’s not inherently bad! It is admirable (“I love you and there is no line in universe I would not cross to keep you safe.”), but there are people who feel tethered and smothered by that kind of intensity. Jimmy appears to be one of those people. Granted, I never thought he’d be a “both sides” kind of guy, hanging out with the mask-wearing monsters. But as far as Jimmy and Lena are concerned, they’re both right and wrong. I don’t think their relationship can stand up to this kind of discord.

Speaking of discord, I think having Kara face off with Ben in a battle of wits was tremendous. I think Kara held her own against him, and it was fascinating to see her in that intellectual environment. I mean, we know she’s an ace reporter and writer, but that’s a very different thing from being on a news program. I enjoyed, too, that it gave her more time with Nia—who gives good pep talks (“You’re going to do great. You are passionate. You are intelligent. Your hair looks amazing.”). And Nia is quite a mystery, isn’t she? I mean, all we know about her for sure is that she digs Brainy and enjoys the brief flirting that they’ve done. I hope they don’t drag out her backstory too long, because I find her compelling.

Can I tell you how wonderful it was to have Alex make a Harry Potter reference (“And if she gets anymore Dolores Umbridge-y, I’m going full Weasley.”)? Because it was fantastic. I am enjoying her interactions with Haley, too, even though she’s obviously a pie-making antagonist. A figurative dragon, to match the literal one Supergirl fought. Dear reader: I flailed. That was bloody brilliant.

Every time Alex stands up to Haley, I feel like I’d absolutely follow her into battle, no question. There’s a clear sense of goodness and strength that radiates from her character. She’s someone who does what’s right, not what’s easy, who defies orders when it’s necessary. I appreciate that about her, and the portrayal is fiery and compelling.

Obviously, next week, we’re going to have to deal with Jimmy and the Legion of Stupid. I really wish he had a better plan and motivation than he does, because getting into a van full of hateful randos is never, ever a good idea. And they’re not even down by the river.


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