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Team Ups and Trials on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s fourth episode (“Ahimsa”) had a lot of great lines (“Americans, man. No idea how to drink.”) and moments. Lena and Brainy leaning on each other to solve the Kryptonite air problem was fantastic. It was particularly fascinating to see Lena coolly express her rage, before teaching Brainy how to compartmentalize. They’re surprisingly great together, and I absolutely lost it when Brainy insisted that he was crying “tears of logic.” It was almost delightfully Vulcan. And again, he’s a brilliant new part of the show. If he and Nia don’t go on the most hilarious awkward date at some point, I will be miffed.

I loved Alex and Kara fighting over whether or not Kara should fight in her suit. They were both defiant and right in their own way, even though I cringed when Alex tried to pull rank. I mean, technically true, but also a low blow, Danvers. But more than anything, I love the glimpses of Sister Time we’ve been getting a lot of, especially if that includes pie. Lots of pie. Enough pie to make Dean Winchester proud. Alex’s rallying speech at the DEO was also fantastic. But speaking of Alex in the lead role at the DEO, I hate the fact that the new president is kind of a jackass, despite his awesome phrasing (“And on top of that terrible sundae of incompetence…”). We haven’t seen enough of President Buttface (Bruce Boxleitner ) to know much about him, but I found his behavior to be abrasive and uncalled for. His previous interactions with Supergirl were pleasant and nowhere near contentious. I wish we’d seen more of him, before his cranypants 180.

This episode finally saw the end of the Evil Bobbsey Twins and not a moment too soon. I was sad that Fiona couldn’t be saved, especially since her and her fiancé (David Ajala) seemed pretty great. But we need to talk about J’onn’s powers, yeah? To borrow from Manchester Black’s vernacular, they were a bit dodgy in this episode. We’ve never seen J’onn have so much trouble, and the struggle there felt a little…manufactured. I mean, the matching rings were a bit of a stretch (“This is what I need – a talisman. … I can use it to amplify my link with her.”). Why the ring of all things to help – why not something that was solely hers? J’onn has never needed that kind of link in the past, so it seemed a little weird to me.

All that aside, I certainly hope we get more of Evil Russian Kara soon, because I have questions. Not as many questions as I have about the cops planning on randomly deputizing Guardian, but still. (Side note: Lena thinking she got a vote on whether or not Jimmy put the helmet back on was very…no.) I am very much going to need more Nia, because she’s an earnest, but firmly opinionated badass.

More ladies kicking ass in different ways, thank you.

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