Body-Switching Shenanigans on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 13th episode (“True Colors”) displayed the heart of a lot of the characters, ranging from Becky being kind and doing good to Ralph stepping up to multiple challenges to Amunet snarking her way through a series of plans gone awry. One of my favorite things had to be Killer Frost giving Ralph a pep talk, who then calls her “frosty Oprah.” Priceless. Not to mention Cisco’s quip, “Oh my god, he’s literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Let’s talk about the most unlikely prison break since…Prison Break. Barry clogs a toilet, steals some batteries, and makes acid! He then breaks the Bus Metas out of jail (“breaking and exiting”), only to have them all fall prey to DeVoe. (Side note: When he said, “I am your destiny.” I reallllly expected a Back to the Future/I am your density joke.) It was an interestingly composed scene, seeing Becky grow as a character, only to become the villain’s latest host. It also gave us a glimpse into the Mechanic’s growing concern and horror, which was delightfully underscored by her constant internal singing, trying to keep her husband out of her head. There was sheer disgust on her face when her husband seemed to kill the warden just for sport.

It is fascinating to see DeVoe’s consciousness go walkabout. It did seem like Becky borrowed one of Amunet’s less ’80s dominatrix outfits, though, right? While we don’t know what he put in the Mechanic’s drink, it seemed to be the emotional equivalent of a roofie made of love potion number nine. In short: WHAT. I totally yelled at the television while watching that, because ugh.

While she’s a villain, the Mechanic has proven, time and time again, to be utterly brilliant. For her to be sidelined and stripped of her badass nature displease me greatly. I do hope there’s a way to reverse the effects. There was, in the trial scene, a glimmer of hope—when she saw her husband’s old face, even knowing it wasn’t him. Her response to the judge was measured, and there was a brief longing ripe on her face. Perhaps she can be brought over to Team Flash, helping to fell the monster that she helped create.

Obviously, at the end of the episode, we are all worried about Ralph. The elongated man has grown, done good, made mistakes, and still kept trying. He’s a strangely earnest and sweet character, and I feel like he’s a good representation of how we all react to hard times/trying moments. Ralph adds comic relief to the show, yes, but he also adds heart. Basically, he’s a precious cinnamon roll and must be protected at all costs.

I’m sure Team Flash is more than up to the challenge.

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