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It Pays to Be an Optimist on THE FLASH

The Flash’s 22nd episode (“Think Fast”) showcases how far DeVoe has spiraled into chaos, remorseless in his pursuit of what he thinks to be right. The Murder Symphony that starts off the episode was so very excellent. But he’s ancillary, for this go round, as far as I’m concerned.

Team Flash, engaging with each other in different ways, was exceptional. Cisco and Barry fighting about the best way to proceed, and what happened to Ralph, was a raw, honest moment. Barry is scared and grieving, trying to take everything on himself, because he’s afraid for his friends. But as Caitlin wisely pointed out, “It’s not a burden if we shoulder it together.” That right there? That’s a life lesson that the show continually, beautifully reiterates.

Caitlin perfectly demonstrates the importance of asking for her. Cisco helps her ferret out a vague memory that she’d repressed from childhood, and SURPRISE! She’s always been Killer Frost all along. That was a damn fine twist that I didn’t see coming. I’m really curious about how she finally wakes up her other half. And I thought it was interesting that the trigger memory has to do with her father (who seemed to already know about Killer Frost, judging by his panicked tone). Also, super proud to see therapy used as a positive in this episode.

I am really enjoying Iris and Harry teaming up. She clearly knew he needed to feel useful, but damn it all, if he wasn’t kicking ass and taking names—even when his verbalization wasn’t up to par. I found it curious that Iris (“You can’t save monsters!”) was heavily against going to Marlize for help—okay, stabbing incident was bad—and Harry was so incredibly optimistic. It’s that optimism that holds weight, and honestly, it was a powerful. The world could use a little more optimism in the face of horrors, these days. I especially loved that Iris used Marlize’s own words to help persuade her: “Pessimism isn’t smarter than optimism. In this life, the bravest thing you can be is optimistic.” Can I get an AMEN? Because yes. That. (Why, yes, I am an optimist. Why do you ask?)

One other brilliant thing in this episode? Cecile? It was hilarious to have her take on other people’s brains. I just about lost at the delivery dude. And when she was Joe, complete with Samurai sword? Priceless. It was nice to see Cecile pop in and be utterly amusing, but it also shows us another sweet angle to her and Joe. He’s nervous about the baby, but he’s also able to get through to her and calm her down. And that was a lovely moment. That said, Danielle Nicolet was brilliant, and her comedic timing is fantastic. More of that, please!

See you next week, nerds!


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