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THE FLASH: #Feminism

The Flash’s fifth episode (“Girls Night Out”) gives us SO MUCH awesome. We meet the divine and amazing stellar Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black (she looks like an ‘80s dominatrix gone rogue: “Is there any part of the way I’m dressed that leads you to believe I want to be called ma’am?”). Ralph Dibny continues to be terrible, but somehow still charming. (His resemblance to Jim Carrey keeps growing. It’s uncanny. And I’m not mad at it.) Felicity (the lovely Emily Bett Rickards) is hilarious and adorable—and is literally all of us when she happily gasps, “Oh my god, you’re like the incredible hulk.”

While the boys and girls separate for their own wayward stag and hen parties, this really gives the girls a chance to shine. All of them, no one gets left behind. Candice Patton, as Iris, is a damn sight to behold this season. She’s confident, bold, kind, earnest, and badass. I never thought I’d type this, but Iris is the heart of the show this season, so far. It was Iris who reminded Caitlin that she isn’t one thing or another—and that she’s in control: “You get to decide who you are.” That’s no small thing. And I am here for feather boas and Scooby Doo schemes, because women are multifaceted and can do both. It was also nice to see them handle things without the boys. I mean, Iris was fearless, walking into the room with Amunet to save Killer Frost. That was brazen, and I am here for it. Also, I’d like to point out that only one of the ladies had superpowers, and they all kicked ass and took names. It was surprising, but really lovely to see Cecile (a charming Danielle Nicolet) in the fray. (Her daughter’s storyline felt super meh to me. I could do without it. Actually, I could do without her. It seems like her presence and plotline only served to remind the audience that Joe is a Good Dad. However, there are about three million other ways that could’ve been depicted.)

I thoroughly enjoyed Drunk Barry crying over chicken wings, “Ewok-level chubby” baby Barry, and I Regret My Life Choices hungover Barry. But more than a parade of shenanigans and a dearth of male strippers, the show tackles a lot of issues, beginning with reconciling the darkness within (with help from friends like Iris) to Killer Frost’s brilliant quip about sexual harassment: “oh, I’m sorry. I thought touching without permission is what you wanted.” To quote Felicity, “#Feminism.” Because BOOM. *ahem*

I thought it was excellent that Caitlin finally came clean about her Frost problem (Danielle Panabaker is absolutely crushing the complexity of both Frost and Caitlin). Although, I am wondering about the potential fallout there. I thought it was refreshing that Cecile and Joe had a talk about how freaking terrified they both are of having a kid together. But being the sap I am, it made me smile that it all came back to love. And not metahuman drug tears, the real deal. It is hard, in this crazy world, to remember that love is its own magic. It’s a stronger power than most people understand.

But like Caitlin realizing she isn’t alone, none of us really are. And that’s what sees us through the difficult times.

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