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Of Luck and Chess on THE FLASH

The Flash’s third episode (“Luck Be a Lady”) was both amusing and jaw-dropping, a balance of wit and sadness. The return of Harry (hooray!) meant delivering a break up cube (boo—and dear god, that’s worth that Russell Brand breaking up with Katy Perry via text…and yes, I know way too much about random pop culture). While that scene was hilarious done, it did make me think about how they’re been using Wally. It’s no wonder he’s ready to dash off and have his own story, but I wish the impetus would’ve been something other than heartbreak. I mean, Felicity cut her hair…and Wally runs away. There’s so much potential for his character, and Keiynan Lonsdale deserves to be featured more. So, I hope he’s not gone for long.

I do not feel the same way about Borg dude (The Thinker, played by Neil Sandilands) and his creepy assistant (sorry, The Mechanic, which is surprisingly not Jason Stathem, but Kim Engelbrecht). I *do* love the chess symbolism that was used, as the audience begins to understand he’s moving everyone around like pieces on the board—a domino effect of evil machinations, if you will. I’m curious to see what his endgame is. I’m sure it wasn’t to create this week’s villain, Becky.

No, really, her name is Becky, the least terrifying name right after Fifi. I would like it noted, for the record, that I’m not making soooo many jokes right now, but I’m totally thinking them. *ahem* So, Becky (who Cisco nicknames Hazard) is a train wreck, turned walking broken mirror. I found it fascinating and frustrating that when Barry tries to reason with her, explaining her luck-based shenanigans, she gives zero damns about how she’s affecting everyone else: “I have only ever been dealt bad hands. … I got on that bus and Lady Luck smiled on me.” I would’ve liked to see the barest twinge of compassion in her, since she’s experienced so much hardship. But it can’t rain all the time, right?

Well, it can, if it’s Joe and Cecile’s house, because it’s old—and the pipes spring a leak. This leads Barry warn: “So, the water valve is in the crawl space. Don’t ever go in the crawl space.” NOTED, Scarlet Speedster. Noted. After venues fall through, Iris ropes Barry into trying to get married that day at a church (right after a funeral), only to have the priest have an allergic reaction. I mean, a plane nearly falls out of the sky. Barry handcuffed himself. And it took the particle accelerator actually exploding (thanks to Harry’s quick thinking!) to fix things. Oh, and Cecile is pregnant, but I don’t *think* that’s the Evil Luck Fairy’s doing. Honestly, I’m willing to see where they take that storyline, but that plot twist pulled me out of the story a bit.

I was thrilled to see Cisco and Harry trying to one-up each other, mocking each other gleefully, only to make up at the end—and not only because we got to hear Cisco quip, “That’s your get out of Jackass Jail free card.” I love him so much…even if he’s a terrible laser tag player. Barney Stinson would be horrified.

One of my favorite things about this season so far is the humor, the lighthearted air punctuating the heavier issues (like Jesse kicking Harry off her team—excellent moment between him and Cisco). I mean, Barry tripped on a literal vat of spilled marbles, which did feel delightful cartoonish. More of that, please. I mean, maybe try a banana peel next time, for variety’s sake.

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