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Empty Tomb of Dracula

The path to the Tomb of Dracula was long and convoluted. Vampires had been around for a long time. They peppered stories in the Golden Age but they were basically one-shots who got re-killed at the end of the story. But vampires plagued a great many superheroes including The Shield, Mr Justice, and Batman, among […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1

Last time in Marvel Firsts, I fell in love with Roy Thomas and Gil Kane’s work on Marvel Premiere #15, which introduced Iron Fist. Thomas’s writing was clever, passionate, and hungry, creating an experience unlike many others I’ve had while reading superhero comics. This time, we’re jumping backwards in time to 1972 for the first […]

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Renaissance Man

Michael Stradford is an entertainment-industry executive for the last three decades spanning through music, radio, DVD, film, television and interactive. He’s at Warner Home Entertainment as director of creative services right now, but before that, he was at Big Air Studios, which is a film distribution company. And before that, he led the digital production […]

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Nobody Tags An Invisible Plane

Welcome to Episode 11 of The Blastoff Podcast. In this week’s COMICS 101, Scott explains the origins of DC’s Wonder Woman in “Enter Diana.” Then in RETALES, Jud talks about some of his customers who, while artistically inclined, may not be expressing that inclination within the bounds of the law, in “Tag! You’re It.” Links: […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Tomb of Dracula #1

This month, I’m going heavy with the throwbacks. I’ve sporadically continued my Marvel Firsts series over the last year or so, but this February, I’m diving headfirst into Marvel’s history to see where some of its most iconic characters got their starts. First up is a character whose status as a literary icon far precedes […]

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THE FLASH: Can’t Touch This

The Flash’s 12th episode (“Untouchable”) was all about learning, although it did so in different ways. Sure, we learned that on HR’s Earth, Al Capone was the vice president. And we learned that Barry and Wally have a healthy competitive streak. But there were more serious lessons. Iris finally cracked and told Joe the truth […]

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When We Were Young

In this week’s COMICS 101, Scott helps you tell one Captain Marvel from another in “Captains Marvel,” then takes a moment to remember the recently departed actor and writer Miguel Ferrer in “Gone Too Soon.” Then, Jud tells the tale of a little boy and his quest to meet the wizard in “In Brightest Day.” […]

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REVISITING: Prisoners of Time

Full disclosure… Scott Tipton, who is, along with his brother David Tipton, the writer of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, is a good friend of mine. I’m putting that out there, because I’d hate for folks to think I’m looking back on this book fondly because of our friendship. See, the thing is, and any […]

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Big Fish – An Interview With Carl Gottlieb

This week in Episode 8 of The Blastoff Podcast, Jud interviews legendary screenwriter, actor, producer and director Carl Gottlieb, whose six-decade-spanning career includes cinematic classics Jaws and The Jerk, as well as television favorites such as The Bob Newhart Show and The Odd Couple. That’s a resume large enough for most to envy, but Carl […]

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Time’s Up!

What an amazing night! Thanks to everyone who came out for our packed screening of TIME AFTER TIME, and a very special thanks to the charming and hilarious Nicholas Meyer and Steven-Charles Jaffe, who regaled us with tales from production following the movie. And of course, much gratitude to our partners at Laemmle NoHo 7 […]

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Gone Too Soon: Miguel Ferrer

“Turn back the page, to the Golden Age…” — Seduction of the Innocent   When I was a kid, it was a very different world for the geeky child or teen. All the things we loved weren’t cinematic juggernauts dominating the pop-culture landscape. The San Diego Comic-Con didn’t get features on every TV show or […]

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