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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s 16th episode (“Star-Crossed”) centers around love, forgiveness, and expectation. It was solid, with an array of feels (not to be confused with cloudy with a chance of meatballs). I ended up feeling bad for Mon-El. Because as his relationship with Kara devolves, it is all too easy to understand why he didn’t tell her he was a prince. And let’s be honest: no one is perfect. We’ve all done things in the past we aren’t proud of and maybe hide. For Mon-El, his selfish, frat boy days are definitely a smudge that’s impossible to bleach out.

And hang on for a second: let’s talk about his parents. It was wonderful to see Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo, although the show gave her more to do. Also? She looks fantastic. But Rhea managed to be commanding, biting, and slyly snarky all at the same time: “But you think you’re better than him, than us. Do what’s best for him. Tell him to speak to his parents.” She was, I think, a good foil for who Mon-El used to be. I can’t speak much for Sorbo’s Lar, because he didn’t do much, except eat and push some buttons. Y’all, that’s Hercules. At least let him punch something.

But back to Karamel (God, that’s a thing, which I only know, because…Tumblr). Mon-El never set out to hurt Kara, but that doesn’t change the fact that he did. He struggles and tries to not only charm his way out of the situation, but asks how he can make things better. While I could see the breakup coming a galaxy away, Mon-El’s sweet desperation was a kick in the stomach: “I just wanted to say a few things, before I lose you forever. … I love being the hero, because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. … And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you. You’re so special.”

Kara, fortunately or not, went to the Peggy Carter school of thought, and she ends things. Because, for her, there are things she cannot forgive or get past. And I can’t decide if I think like that rigidity feels like Kara. She sees the good in everyone, fights for them. She’s sunshine and sweetness, wearing a cape, kicking ass and taking names. I tend to think that maybe she would’ve asked for time, instead. But the girl of steel hasn’t exactly been lucky in love.

Speaking of, we have to talk about Winn and Lyra. Because y’all. These two might be perfect for each other (“Woman, you are a She-Hulk.” I laughed. Out loud.). I mean, the museum sex was obviously bad for multiple reasons (“She femme fatale’d me.”), but there is real and unconditional affection between these two. And I found it somewhat funny that Winn’s woman of choice is a master thief (“Let’s go catch a thief.” So many references to classic movies!), but with a heart of gold.

For Winn, Lyra lying to save her brother is not a deal breaker. And when she asks him, “Don’t you hate me?” (fully expecting that hate) and he answers, “Not even close.”—that resonated quite a bit. Who hasn’t had that person, who you’d forgive anything of? Whose mistakes you don’t measure, because a relationship is never about punishment or keeping score? This was a genuine depiction. And, later, Winn explains it to Kara this way: “She didn’t do what she did to hurt me. … That is a girl worth forgiving.” And that is why Winn and Lyra worked and Kara and Mon-El didn’t.

I’d also like to note Alex was a badass, swooping in and saving the day. I did like the trio of Jimmy, Winn, and Kara back together—even though it only lasted a few moments. And Maggie was pretty excellent in this episode too. It was nice getting to see her, and it was even nice to see her give Winn a little crap (“Leave—before I throw you in holding for fun.”)

The episode ends on an intriguing note (ha), with the Music Meister (yessss, Darren Criss) carting Kara off. I, for one, am a musical geek, so I cannot wait to watch The Flash tomorrow night. I have been known to (more than) occasionally burst into song. Let’s see if a song and dance can heal a broken heart, eh?



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