Getting Animated – An Interview with Glen Murakami

Our guest today is a legend in the world of animation. In the last twenty years, there were only a handful of writers and artists crafting what turned into the most successful run of comic book cartoon hits in American history. This man was one of those creators.

He started his career under the direction of Bruce Timm on Warner Bros. Batman, the Animated Series and Superman, the Animated Series.

He won an Emmy Award as producer of Batman Beyond and after a decade working with Timm, he branched out on his own and created the hit Teen Titans series, bringing a groundbreaking anime style to Western television that had never been seen before.

He partnered with Dwayne McDuffie to create another animated hit, Ben 10: Alien Force and went on to Executive Produce Beware the Batman.

He even won an Eisner Award in the world of the comic book printed page for his work on Batman Adventures Holiday Special (if you haven’t read this seminal Mister Freeze story, you need to go to your local comic book store and insist they order it for you!).

He’s won two Annie Awards, he’s worked with the greatest legends in animation history and now, he’s on the Blastoff Podcast program! We hope you enjoy this in-depth and illuminating conversation with Glen Murakami.

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