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Introducing the Blastoff Podcast

Comics for the Ages

In the premiere episode of The Blastoff Podcast, Scott explains the difference between the golden and silver ages of comic books. Then, Jud muses on the child-like wonder of stepping inside a brick and mortar comic shop. Further reading: http://www.blastoffcomics.com/2017/01/jud-meyers-retales-step-inside-2/

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Lady Mechanika, An Appreciation

Lady Mechanika – Joe Benitez and MM Chen writing; Peter Steigerwald, Martin Montiel, and Joe Benitez art Steampunk is a strange genre. It is books, comic books, movies, television shows, cosplay, objects, music, and much else. To find an art genre which is also a movement you’d have to go to art deco in the […]

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Gone Too Soon: Carrie Fisher

The daughter of Hollywood royalty. A gifted comic performer. A best-selling novelist. An in-demand script doctor. A raconteur like no other. Carrie Fisher was so much more than Princess Leia, and yet the impact of her performance in that role was so huge that even in the face of all her accomplishments, it’s hard to […]

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Blastoff Through Time at the Laemmle NoHo 7!

We’re delighted to announce our newest partnership with our neighbors at the Laemmle NoHo 7 and Throwback Thursday series partner EAT|SEE|HEAR this January as we sponsor the Laemmle’s Throwback Thursday series for the month, with one of our favorite themes: Time Travel! Just look at this schedule! DATE FILM   TICKETS Jan. 5 Back to the […]

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THE FLASH: Living in the Moment

The Flash’s midseason finale (episode nine, “The Present”) is full of great life advice. (No, seriously.) Predictably, none of it comes from Barry, who needs Jay to be his Get-a-Grip friend FOREVER. Aside from a thorough redemption arc (by way of Julian—whose reveal was very Scooby Doo villain), the main theme of this episode is […]

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Writing the Book on DC

I’m a sucker for comic-book encyclopedia-type projects. Always have been. Goes all the way back to when I was a kid and would pore over the enormous two-volume World Encyclopedia of Comics by Maurice Horn in my local library, which were permanently ensconced in the reference section and couldn’t be checked out, so whenever I […]

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MARVEL FIRSTS: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

I was tempted to break away from the rules of my Marvel Firsts series to instead revisit the Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, which, while isn’t a #1 of course, features the debut of Marvel’s iconic web-slinger. But since I’ve already read Amazing Fantasy and not the first issue of the first series […]

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Allies and Aliens on THE FLASH

The Flash’s eighth episode (“Invasion”) was just this side shy of Mars Attacks! Aliens descend like a pack of velociraptors (“Enough to give Ridley Scott nightmares.”), and Barry recruits a gaggle of (super)friends: Supergirl, the Arrow crew, and the Legends. And we learn a few things: 1) Cisco (Carlos Valdes) can’t stop behaving like a […]

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Last time, I revisited Angel: After the Fall, which was the first time a monthly comic showed me the limitless opportunity for inventive storytelling in the medium, which was, at the time, new to me. My affection for that title, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight which was being published by Dark […]

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Frostbite, Freakouts, and Friends on THE FLASH

The Flash’s seventh episode (“Killer Frost”) may seem like it’s centered around Caitlin’s descent into villainy, but that’s only a small part. Consistently, what I love most about this show are the relationships. The characters, no matter how flawed or prone to hideous mistakes, always show up for each other. They may not all be […]

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Old Ghosts and Old Friends on SUPERGIRL

Supergirl’s seventh episode (“The Darkest Place”) is rock bottom for a lot of the characters. For Hank (J’onn), it’s discovering that his friend, the woman who saved his life, is a White Martian. It’s nearly killing her, only to pull himself back at the last minute. And sure, he locks her in a cell, but […]

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REVISITING… Angel: After the Fall

I can’t believe it was almost a decade ago. In early 2007, I went to Borders in search of some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel books. I had recently (finally!) acquired both series on DVD and was fresh off of the first full re-watch I had since the respective finales a few years prior. […]

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THE FLASH: Teachable Moments

The Flash’s third episode (“Magenta”) deals with a lot in an hour. Julian is still as friendly as a quietly seething cactus. And I have to say, it’s a pleasure to watch. Tom Felton manages to steal every scene and not just because I’m waiting for him to go full Slytherin. Felton brings a snark […]

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