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A Wonder Woman Looking to the Future

Wonder Woman is unique in how universally she is known as an iconic character, without actually having a comparatively strong customer base for her comic books. While her performance as a comic-book character has, at times, been strong, many more people seem to be happy to call themselves “fans” of Wonder Woman without having any […]

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The Wonder Woman Bookshelf

Readers looking for some innocent and fun stories of Princess Diana of the Amazons should look no further than WONDER WOMAN – THE AMAZON PRINCESS ARCHIVES, a collection of the 1958 and ’59 work of writer Robert Kanigher, penciller Ross Andru and inker Mike Esposito. After the initial Golden Age run by Wonder Woman’s creators […]

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Eyes of the Gorgon

WWWWW? That is, What’s Wrong With Wonder Woman? She has the most unfulfilled potential of any superhero in the DC or Marvel universes. Put that in corporate terms: there is no other character that could rake in a larger increase in money than Wonder Woman if she were handled right. According to DC, Wonder Woman […]

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Wonder Woman Gets a Dad – What?

DC Comic’s New 52 reboot brought changes to several characters in their world. Heroes and villains were born anew. Some received divorces (well, editorial annulments). Some received new relationships. All of them got costumes with collars, and many of them were handed freshly scrubbed and sparkling origin stories. A new coat of paint to cover […]

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Wonder Woman: Tale As Old As Time

When I think about Wonder Woman, I don’t think of the Lynda Carter version or even that particular take on the costume. Carter kicked butt in the role to be sure, but it’s not the vision of the Amazon princess I see. I like the armored warrior… even if her thighs and most of her […]

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Wonder Tot?

No, it’s not something new from Ore Ida. Back in the day, WONDER WOMAN comics often teamed up Princess Diana with her younger selves, including, believe it or not, herself as a baby. Seriously. And it can be yours! To buy the first appearance of Wonder Tot, click here!

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Creature of Habit

Mark Waid tells a great tale about Silver Age Wonder Woman editor/writer Robert Kanigher: Silver Age Wonder Woman books from the Waid Collection are on sale now! Click here!

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.