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A Look at Dell Comics

Back in the Golden Age, Dell Comics was at the forefront of the comics industry when they launched FAMOUS FUNNIES in 1929. The comic is widely regarded as the very first American comic book to offer original content. And Dell was one of the most successful publishers in its near-half-century existence. So how did they […]

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second-richest duck

The Biggest Ball of String

When I think about Uncle Scrooge, DuckTales (woohoo) is the first thing that pops into mind. I only recently learned about the presence of the richest duck alive in the pages of comics recently. I was skeptical for no good reason at all and put off reading them for ages. But finally, thankfully, I cracked […]

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A Bounty of Ducks

It’s been quite a while since good, high-quality collections of some of the best Disney comics were available.  Thanks to the good folks at Fantagraphics Books, that drought is well and truly over, with the introduction of their Carl Barks and Don Rosa hardcover libraries, which collect the work of the two best creators to […]

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Ducking Out on the Holidays

A comics master who specialized in the Christmas tale was Carl Barks, longtime DONALD DUCK writer/artist and the creator of Uncle Scrooge McDuck. In my favorite Barks Christmas story, “Letter to Santa,” published in CHRISTMAS PARADE 1 (November 1949), Donald and Uncle Scrooge find themselves competing to fill the Christmas wishes of Huey, Dewey and […]

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Blastoff Introduces The Bill Justice Collection!

When you think “Disney,” you’re probably thinking of something Bill Justice worked on. Animator, Director, Imagineer, Muralist, Illustrator, and Promotional Artist, Bill brought his gentle, adaptable, and zany sense of humor to everything he touched. As an animator, Bill’s very first assignment was to do the in-between drawings of Snow White’s Wicked Queen saying, “Mirror […]

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Disney Mag December 56

To Those Who Come to This Happy Place, Welcome

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for Disney. Disneyland, the feature animation, the music, all of it. Always have been. Which is why I’m so pleased to show off our newest category in the Blastoff Online Store: Disneyana. Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the amazing bits of Disney […]

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Welcoming the Future, Treasuring the Past.